Royal Crowns ||49||

1In this chapter, I am giving a summary containing all the ideas of the characteristics of royal diadems that have been treated of at length by the ancient seers (such as Kasyapa).
2-3The crown of a King, should, to be auspicious, have an expansion of eight digits in the middle; that of the queen, of seven digits; that of the Yuvaraja, of six; that of the commander of the army, of four; and that of the royal protege, of two digits. These are the five kinds of crowns that have been mentioned.
4All these crowns must have a length double their respective expansion, while the expansion on die sides is half that of the middle. All these made of pure gold increase prosperity and happiness.
5A royal crown has five crests; that of the Yuvaraja and the Queen, three; that of the commander, only one; and that of the royal protege is without any crest.
6When the gold sheet for the crown expands easily while it is being prepared, it augurs prosperity and victory to the King and great happiness to the subjects.
7A dent or hole in the middle of the crown, when it is under preparation, produces loss of life and kingdom. If it breaks in the middle, it should be discarded. One that breaks in the sides produces obstacles.
8At the appearance of evil symptoms, a man learned in this science should prescribe expiatory rites to the king. A crown attended with commendable signs tends to the prosperity of the King as well as of the kingdom.