Prediction through Limbs ||51||

1An astrologer should predict good and bad effects on observing carefully the direction, speech place and articles brought at the time, also taking into consideration the behavior of the limbs of the questioner with reference to himself or to another person and the particular time of his query. For, Time which is Omniscient, All-powerful, and All-seeing, on account of its being the Soul (sustainer) of all beings—moveable and stationary—shows good and bad effects through the bodily movements and utterances of the querists.
2The place favourable for a query is one which is even (without depressions and elevations), covered with the shade of trees that smile with flowers, are laden with fruits, have glossy barks and leaves, aic devoid of ill-omened birds and bear auspicious names which is the abode of Gods, sages, Brahmins, virtuous men and Siddhas, which is endowed with fragrant flowers and crops, which pleases the heart through the limpidity of its sweet water and which is covered with beautiful green grass.
3Inauspicious is a place abounding in trees which are cut, split, worm-eaten, thorny, scorched, coarse, crooked, inhabited by ill-omened birds, bearing censurable names and having many withered leaves and barks fallen.
4Equally inauspicious is a place such as the burial ground, a desolate shrine, a place where four roads meet, one that does not appeal to the heart, rugged ground, a sandy place, one that is covered with rubbish, charcoal, potsherds, ashes, husks and dry grass.
5Similarly unfavourable will be places that are occupied by ascetics, naked persons, barbers, enemies, butchers, dog-eaters, gamblers, hermits, sick persons as well as a prison, armory, apiary or shops where honey is sold.
6The best directions for a query are the East, North and North east; North-west, West, South and South-east and South west are unfavourable for the querist. The morning time is beneficial, while the night and the two twilights and the afternoon are not favourable.
7The same good and bad effects as well as foretokens as were given in connection with the marching of a sovereign (Vide sloka 12 of Ch. XLIII. supra) should be taken into consideration here also. The prediction may also be made by observing the articles brought at the time by others, what is in front of the querist, or what is in his hand or on his clothes.
8-10The following are the masculine limbs: thighs, lips, breasts, testicles, feet, teeth, arms hands, cheeks, hairs, throat, nails, thumbs, the frontal bone, armpits, shoulders, the ears, the anus and the joints. The feminine limbs are the brows, nose, buttocks, folds in the belly, hips, the lines on the palm, fingers, the tongue, neck, the hind parts of the shanks, the heels, the shanks, the navel, the ear-lobes, the outer-edge of the ear and the nape of the neck; and the following are the neuter limbs: the face, back, collar bone, the knees, bones, the sides, the heart, the palate, the eyes, the male genital organ, the chest, in the end of the spine, the head and forehead. If the querist should touch a limb of the first group, the success of the task should be achieved immediately; if a limb of the second group, the success, will be delayed, while in the last group, it is improbable, even in the case of the limbs of the first two groups, if they are coarse, injured, cut or lean, success will not be achieved.
11When the big toe is touched or shaken, the querist will suffer from eye-disease. When a finger is touched, trouble for his daughter will arise. When he strikes the head, there will be trouble from the King.
12When the querist touches the chest, he will suffer separation; leaving off his cloth from his body denotes the befalling of a dire calamity. If he draws a piece of cloth towards himself and joins his feet together, he will achieve his cherished object.
13If he scratches the earth with his big toe, his thoughts will be about lands. If he scratches the feet with his hand, they are about a maid servant.
14When the ‘querist is [looking at palm leaves or birch-bark, his thoughts are about garments; when he is standing on hair, husk, bone or ashes, he will be afflicted with disease ; and when he stands on or looks at ropes, nets or barks, he will be imprisoned.
15-16If long pepper (black pepper, dried ginger, cyperus grass, lodhra, costus, cloth, water, cumin seeds, Gandhamamsi, Dill or Tagara be seen or mentioned by the querist, his thoughts will be’ about a woman’s fault, a man’s fault, a person in distress, loss of everything, missing of the road, loss of ‘children, loss of money, destruction of corn, son’s death, loss of bipeds beasts with cloven hoofs), loss of quadrupeds and destruction of lands respectively.
17When the querist holds in his hand the fruits of Banyan tree, Madhaka, Tinduka, Jambu, Plaksha, mangoes, and Jujube, he will get respectively money, gold, servants, iron, silken cloths, silver and copper.
18When he sees a vessel filled with corn or a pot full of water, his family will prosper. The sight of the dung of elephants, cows and dogs proves severally destructive to wealth, young ladies and friends.
19When he sees a cow, elephant, buffalo, lotus, silver or tiger, he will obtain woolen articles, wealth, garments, sandal paste, silken cloths or collection of ornaments respectively.
20When the querist looks at an old Kapalika (a Saiva monk wearing skulls), his enquiry is about friends or gambling; when he looks at an ascetic of a high order, it is about a courtesan, king or woman in child bed.
21If he sees a Buddhist monk, a teacher, a Jain monk, a naked fakir, a soothsayer, a trader of a city or a fisherman, his thought concerns respectively a thief, the commander of army, a merchant, a female servant, a soldier, a shop-keeper or a condemned criminal.
22When he looks at an ascetic, a toddy seller or one engaged in gleaning corn, his thought is severally about somebody who has gone abroad, tending cattle or one that has come to grief.
23If the querist uses the expressions, viz., I should like to ask, “please tell”, “your honour may see” and “kindly predict”, his thoughts are about some meeting, his family, profit and lordship (authority) respectively.
24If he says ‘Predict’, he thinks of victory or travelling. If he says, ‘Think and tell my thoughts’, his thought is about a relative; and if he runs to the astrologer in the midst of a crowd and tells “find out quickly”, it is about a thief.
25-26If the questioner touches an internal part of the body, the thief is one belonging or related to the family; if an external part, it is an outsider; if a big toe, a man-servant; if a toe, a maidservant; if the shanks, a labourer (messenger); if the navel, his own sister; if the heart, his own wife; if a thumb, his son if the fingers, his daughter; if he touches his stomach, the thief is to be found in his mother; If the head, in his father (or teacher); and if the right and left arms, in his brother and brother’s wife respectively. Thus, prediction of theft has to be made from the touch of the limbs.
27-28The following are the indications for the non-recovery of the stolen properties. The querist touches an external part of the body after an internal one; or spits phlegm, passes urine or evacuates the bowels; or drops something from his hand; or bends some limb extremely and cracks it; or beholds empty pots carried by people or thieves; or hears ominous words such as “ taken away, fallen, injured, forgotten, lost, broken, gone, stolen, dead” and the like.
29All the signs mentioned above when occupied with the sight of husks, bones, poison, etc., or lira die sound of weeping and sneezing (or injury?), forebody death to men attacked by illness. If the querist, touches an internal limb, belches aloud, it is to be guessed that he is quite happy after a sumptuous feast.
30If he touches his fore-head or sees corn with thorns, it is to be inferred that he has eaten bailed rice; if he touches his breast, food consisting of corn and if he touches the neck, his food has been of barley.
31If he touches the abdomen, paps stomach or knee, he must have eaten black gram, milk, sesamum or rice gruel; if he smacks or licks his lips, he must have tasted sweet dishes.
32If he strikes his tongue against the corner of the mouth, it is to be inferred that he has eaten something sour; if he makes his mouth wry, something pungent; if he hiccoughs, something astringent; and if he spits, something salt.
33If he spits phlegm, it is clear that he has eaten a small quantity of something dry and bitter; if there is the sight of a carnivorous animal, something, mixed with meat; if he touches the brows, cheeks or lips, food consisting of bird’s meat. Thus, the signs for predicting food eaten have been stated.
34If the person touches the head, throat, hair, chin, frontal bone, ear, shank or anus, he must have eaten the flesh of elephant, buffalo, sheep, hog, cow, hare, deer, or buffaloe’s meat mixed with others, in order.
35When an evil omen is seen or heard, it is to be predicted (that the man has eaten the flesh of lizards or fish. In a similar manner, the prognostication of abortion of a pregnant woman should be made at a query; i.e., if there are evil omens at the time of consultation, there will be miscarriage.
36At a query as to what would be the sex of the child to be born, if a man is seen, inferred, present or touched, the birth of a boy is to be predicted; if it is a woman that is seen, etc., a girl; and if it is a eunuch, a eunuch will be born. The childbirth will be easy and happy if drink, food, fruits and flowers are sighted at the time.
37When a woman touches with the thumb her eyebrow, stomach or finger at a query, she must then be thinking of the child in the womb. The same prediction should be made when honey, ghee and such other things or gold, gems and corals, or her mother, nurse and children are in front of her.
38If, at a query, a woman touches the belly with her hand, it may be predicted that she is pregnant; but if there should be evil omens at the time, she may have abortion. The same will take place when she pulls out her belly owing to the pain given by her seat or puts one hand over the other.
39When she touches the right nostril, she may conceive a month hence; when the left nostril or the left year, two years hence; when the right ear or the breasts, two months or four months hence respectively.
40If she touches the root of her braid, she will give birth to three sons and two daughters; if the ears, five sons; if the hands, three sons; if the little finger, one son; if the ring finger, two sons; if the middle, three sons; if the fore-finger, four sons; and if the thumb, five sons. If she touches the big toes or the heels, she will give birth to a daughter.
41If she touches her right thigh, she will give birth to two girls; if the left thigh, to two boys; if the middle of the forehead, to four sons, and if the end of the forehead, to three sons.
42-43When the pregnant woman touches the head, fore-head, brows, ears, cheeks, lower part of chin, teeth, neck, right shoulder, left shoulder, hands, chin, pipe of the neck, breast, right bosom, left bosom, heart, right side, left side, belly, hip, joint of buttocks and anus, right thigh, left thigh, knees, shanks or feet, she will give birth to a child in any of the asterisms in their order commencing from Krittika.
44Thus have I explained in clear terms the prognostics of touching the limbs, after carefully examining the treatises on this science, for enabling people to attain their cherished desires. An astrologer, who knows all this and is endowed with high intelligence and a large heart, will always be honoured by kings as well as peoples.