Characteristics of Pimples ||52||

1The pimples of the people of the four classes beginning with Brahmins are white, red, yellow and dark respectively; and the respective colours are auspicious only for the particular classes and those below them and not for those above them. The idea is that white is good for Brahmins; white and red for Kshatriyas; white, red and yellow for Vaisyas; and white, red, yellow and dark for Sudras.
2Pimples, glossy and clear in lustre, on the head indicate a great deal of wealth ; on the back of the face, immediate happiness or fortune ; on the two eyebrows, misfortune; in the middle of the brows, meeting with beloved persons very soon and wickedness; on the eye-lids, grief ; on the eyes, sight of friends on the frontal bone, renunciation ; and in the places through which tears fall down, worries.
3Those on the nose and temples, give cloths and children respectively ; on the lips, lead to the acquisition of good food; so also are those on the lower part of the chin; on the fore-head, to plenty of money; so too on the two sides of the jaw-bone; on the neck, to ornaments, food and drink; on the ears, ear-ornaments and a knowledge of the metaphysical science.
4Pimples on the joint of the head produce a hit from an iron instrument: on the neck, blows; on the heart and breasts, the acquisition of a son; on the sides, grief; on the chest, attainment of desired objects or friends; on the shoulders, frequent wanderings for getting food; and in the two armpits, loss of wealth, in various ways.
5Those appearing on the back cause the destruction of the bundle of miseries; on the arms, of the hosts of enemies; those on the wrists, cause arrest, or restraint; and those near the arms, acquisition of ornament, food, etc.
6Pimples appearing on the hands, fingers and belly lead to the acquisition of wealth, fortune and grief respectively; on the navel, to fine food and drink; those beneath the navel, to loss of wealth through theft; on the pelvis, to wealth and corn; on the penis, to the acquisition of a young wife and good sons ; on the anus, to wealth; and on the testicles, to fortune and happiness.
7Those on the thighs indicate the obtaining of vehicles and a wife; on the knees, loss on account of enemies; on the shanks, trouble from weapons; and on the ankles, troubles through travelling and confinement.
8Those on the buttocks, heels and feet cause in their order loss of wealth, illicit cohabitation, and travelling; and on the fingers, imprisonment; and on the thumb, respect from relatives.
9Throbbing, inflammation (tumour) and boils on the right half of the body and hits on the left half are favourable to men, while they are auspicious for women in the other side, i.e., throbbing, etc. on the left side and hits on the right.
10Thus have I given an analysis of the pimples from head to foot; in the same manner, ulcers and marks may be classified. The existence, on the bodies of living beings, of moles, special marks and hairy circles also produce similarly the effects enumerated above.