Mars ||6||

1Note the asterism occupied by Mars at the time he emerges after his last conjunction with the Sun. If he should begin his retrograde motion when he’ is passing the 7th, 8th or 9th star reckoned from the aforesaid
asterism, it is called Vaktramushna. People eking their livelihood through working on fire will suffer thereby.
2If the retrograde motion of Mars referred to above commence at the 12th, the 10th or the 11th asterism reckoned from the star occupied by Mars at the time of his last emergence from the Sun’s conjunction, it is known as Asrumukha. The different kinds of tastes will be vitiated and diseases and drought – will break out when he reappears after his next conjunction with the Sun.
3When the retrograde motion alluded to begins while Mars transits the 13th or the 14th asterism, it is known as Vyala and lapses after Mars, is meat eclipsed. People will suffer from creatures having sharp teeth, serpents and other reptiles and wild animals. There will however be general prosperity.
4When Mars emerges from his last conjunction with the Sun and begins his retrograde motion at the 15th or the 10th asterism reckoned from the one Occupied by him at the time of his eclipse, it is known as Rudhiranana. During this period, people will suffer from facial diseases and there will be general panic. There
will however be prosperity.
5When the retrograde motion begins at the 17th or the 18th star counted from’ the one occupied by Mars at his conjunction with the Sun, it is known as Asimusala. When Mars begins his direct motion after this there will be trouble from bands of robbers drought and risk from weapons.
6If Mars should emerge from the Sun in Purvaphalguni or Uttaraphalguni, begin his retrograde motion in Uttarashadha and disappear in Rohini, he will afflict the three worlds with miseries.
7If the emergence of Mars from the Sun’s conjunction be in the asterism Sravana and he begins his retrograde motion in Pushya, kings will suffer. People belonging to the countries denoted by the asterism through which Mars reappears will meet with destruction.
8If Mars should pass through the middle of the asterism Magha and retrograde from there alone, the Pandya king will meet with his end, and people will suffer from drought and war.
9If Mars after cutting the asterism Magha should cut Visakha, there will be famine in the country. If he should cut the star Rohini, there will be terrible mortality in the land.
10When Mars passes through the southern side of Rohini, kings will suffer, prices will fall and there will be little rain. If he appears surrounded by smoke or flame, people living in the Pariyatra region will be destroyed.
11If Mars should transit Rohini, Sravana, Moola, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashadha, Uttarabhadra or Jyeshta, be will spoil the thick clouds (Nimbus) that have been formed, and there will be no rain.
12If Mars should emerge from the Sun’s conjunction when he is passing the asterisms Sravana, Magha, Purnavasu, Hasta, Moda, Purvabhadra, Aswini, Visakha and Rohini, he will prove auspicious (and the evil effects mentioned before will not happen).
13When Mars with a broad and clear form and deep-red like the Kimsuka arid Asoka flowers, with pure and bright rays, with a brightness like that of red-hot molten copper should pass in the northern side of the asterism he is in, he will bring on prosperity to the kings and peace and contentment to the subjects .