Signs of Horses ||66||

1A horse is perfect or flawless in limbs when it has the neck and sockets of eyes, long rump… heart, broad; palate, lips and tongue, red; skin, hair and tail, fine; hoofs, face and gait, fine; ears, upper lip a root of the tail, short; shanks, knees and things round white and uniform teeth, and a beautiful appearance. Such a horse always conduces to the destruction of the King’s enemies.
2Inauspicious are the chargers that have hairy circles under the eyes, the jaws, on the cheeks, heart, throat, nose, temple, hip, abdomen, knee, scrotum, navel, shoulder, anus, (or junction of neck and collarbone), right side of stomach and legs.
3Auspicious are the hairy circles on the upper lip, throat, ears, in the middle of the back, near the brows, on the lips, haunches, fore legs. Upper parts of left legs, flanks and the space between the brows.
4Among the (ten) necessary hairy circles, there is one on the lower side of the upper lip, one in the hairs of the fore-head, two between the belly and the navel, two just above that, two on the head and two on the breast.
5A colt (of one year) has six white teeth, which become tawny when it is two years old; when it is three years, the incisors fall and reappear; when four years, the next teeth; when five years, the last teeth. The same three teeth will after every subsequent period of three years become black, yellow, white, coloured like coloured like black salt, wax, conch shell? Become hollow, shaky and at last fall put.