Signs of Elephants ||67||

1The elephants whose tusks bear the colour of honey, which have limbs proportionately, developed, are not too stout, nor too lean, are fit for work, have equal limbs, back-bone similar to a bow and hips like those of boars are called Bhadras.
2The characteristics of the class designated Manda are a slack breast, loose folds on the waist, a hanging belly, a thick skin and neck, a huge abdomen and root of the tail, and the look of a lion.
3Those that have short lip, tail and penis, slender feet, neck, teeth, trunk and ears and large eyes are known- as Mrigas. Those that belong to the class of Sankirna have the characteristics of the above classes intermingled.
4The height, of the Mriga is 6 cubits; length, 7 cubits; and girth, cubits. These numbers increased by one are those of the Manda (i.e., 6, 8 and 9 respectively); by two, of Bhadra (7, 9 and 10 cubits). The Sankirna has no fixed dimensions.
5The colour of the Bhadra and its ichor is green; of Manda and its ichor, yellow of Mriga, dark; and of Sankirna, mixed.
6-7Auspicious are the elephants that have lips, palate and mouth red, eyes like those of a sparrow; tusks, glossy and raised at the tips ; face, long and broad; the back-bone arched, long, not protruding and lying deep; the frontal globes, like the back of a tortoise and covered with thin and scanty hair ; the ears, jaws, navel, forehead and penis broad ; the nails convex like a tortoise, numbering 1 8 or 20; the trunk round and covered with three lines ; the hairs fine, and ichor and breath, of good odour.
8Elephants with long fingers and red tip of the trunk, with a voice (trumpeting) like the thunder of clouds, and with a long, broad and round neck, bring luck to the King.
9-10Elephants that are never intoxicated, that have too many or too few nails and limbs that are crooked or dwarfed, that have tusks similar to the horns of a goat, that have prominent testicles, that lack the extremity of the trunk, that have the palate dusky, blue, variegated or black, that have small tusks or no tusks at all, or are without sex ; as well as a female elephant that has some characteristics of the male, and one that is pregnant, should the King order to be removed to another country, as they produce very dire consequences.