Signs of Men ||68||

1A clever astrologer who knows the physical features of human beings, carefully observes in the beginning according to the rules, the height, weight, gait, compactness, strength, complexion, glossiness, voice, natural
character, courage, impressions of previous birth, parts of the body and natural lustre, and reveals the past and the future.
2A King’s feet do not perspire, have soft soles, have the lustre of the interior of a lotus, have compact toes, beautiful and red mils, fine heels, warmth, no veins, well-sunken ankle-joints and an arch dike the back of a tortoise.
3Poverty and grief are produced by feet that have the shape of winnowing baskets, that are very rough, that have white nails, that are long or crooked, that are full of veins, that are very dry and have far-removed toes; travelling, by those that are elevated in the middle; destruction of the family, by those that are tawny; murder of a Brahmin, by those whose soles have the colour of burnt earth; and cohabitation with forbidden women, by those that are yellow.
4The shanks being round, with sparse and thin hair, the thighs, beautiful and resembling elephant’s trunk, and the knees well-developed (fleshy) and even, make one a king; while shanks resembling those of a jackal or dog make one penniless.
5Kings have a single hair in a pore and scholars and Vedic experts, two in one. Three and more hairs in one make men penurious and miserable. In the same manner are the hairs on the head auspicious and inauspicious as the case may be.
6A man with bony knees dies abroad; one with small ones, becomes fortunate; one with large and ugly ones, indigent; one with sunken ones, vanquished by women; one with fleshy ones, ruler of a kingdom; and one with thick ones, long-lived.
7A man with a small penis becomes wealthy, but without issue; one with a stout one, poor; with one bent towards the left, devoid of children and wealth; with one turned towards (bent) the right, blessed with sons; with one bent on the lower side, indigent; with one full of veins, begets few children; with one with a thick knot, becomes happy; and with a soft one, dies of gonorrhea and the like.
8Men with the genital organ hidden in sheath-like skin become kings; with a long and split one, devoid of wealth; and with a straight and round one as well as with one having slender veins, wealthy.
9A man with only one testicle finds a watery grave; with unequal ones, becomes addicted to concubinage; with equal ones, a king; with ones raised high, short-lived; and with hanging (pendent), ones live for a hundred years.
10-13Men possessing a red end of the generating organ become opulent; a whitish or dark one, penniless; urinating noisily, happy; without any sound, poor; with two, three or four streams of urine turning in a circular fashion from left to right, kings; with scattered urine, poverty-stricken; with a single stream turned like a circle, blessed with fine features, but without issue; with the tip glossy (tender), raised and even, enjoy wealth, women and gems j with the tip depressed in the middle, become fathers of girls and penurious; with one raised in the middle, owners of many domestic animals; and with a stout one, devoid of money.
14-16Men with the upper part of the abdomen dry without flesh are indigent and disliked by the people; with their semen having the smell of flowers? become kings; having the smell of honey, very opulent; of fish, beget too many children; of flesh, become addicted to sensual pleasures; of liquor, sacrificers; of salt, utterly penniless; with thin semen, beget daughters; those who have too frequent sexual congress (or those who have orgasm too soon?), live long; and those who have it very rarely (whose orgasm takes place very late?) are short-lived.
17A man with very stout buttocks becomes poor; with fleshy or muscular ones, happy; with ones of one and a half the usual size (or with an extra half buttock), a killer of tigers; and with frog-like ones, a king.
18A man with a leonine waist becomes a king; with one like that of a monkey or camel, is devoid of wealth; with an even belly, enjoys pleasures; and with a belly resembling a pot or a frying pan, becomes penniless.
19-20Those with fleshy sides become wealthy; with sunken and crooked ones, are devoid of the pleasures of life; with an even stomach, enjoy the pleasures of life; with a sunken one are without happiness; with a high one, become kings; with an uneven one, crafty; with a serpentine (very long and thin) one, penniless and gluttonous.
21-23People become happy by a navel that is round, raised and broad; afflicted with troubles by one that is small, almost invisible and deep; poor and die of colic (or wound from a spike) by one that is surrounded by folds of skin and uneven; rogues by one that is turned from right to left; intelligent by one; that is turned from left to right; long-lived by one that is elongated at the sides ; lords by one that is broad at the upper end; owners of cattle, at the lower end; and kings by one that resembles the knob in the centre of a lotus.
24-25People with one, two, three, four or no folds at all on their belly become in order slain with weapons, enjoyers of many women, preceptors of men, fathers of many sons, or kings; with unequal folds, sinners and addicted to forbidden women; and with straight ones, happy and haters of (without taste for) others wives.
26People with sides fleshy, tender and possessed of hairy circles going from left to right become kings; whereas those with sides of contrary characteristics ate devoid of happiness and are slaves of others.
27People with not raised nipples become fortunate; with unequal and long ones, penurious; with stout, muscular and sunken ones, kings and happy.
28A heart that is raised, large, muscular and not convulsive, bespeaks kings; one contrary to the above and full of veins and rough and thick hair, denotes the penurious.
29Those who have an even chest, become wealthy; a muscular one, heroes; a weak one. Penniless (or without manliness?), and an uneven one, indigent and meet their end by weapons.
30One who has undulating collar bones becomes cruel; with many bony knots or joints, poor; raised ones, enjoys pleasures; sunken ones, poor; and stout ones, wealthy.
31-32One is penniless with a neck flat or dry (without flesh) and full of veins; heroic with one like that of a buffalo; meets with one’s end by weapons with a neck similar to that of a bull; a king with one having three folds or lines; a spend thrift (glutton?) with one hanging (long?) one. Men become wealthy with their back, not split and without hair; and miserable with one of contrary characteristics.
33Men with armpits, not perspiring, plump, raised, good-smelling, even and hairy are to be known as wealthy; otherwise, as penniless.
34A poor man has shoulders full of hair, split, small and without flesh, while those who possess happiness and valour have shoulders that are large unsplit and compact.
35Kings have arms that are like the trunks of elephants, round, hanging down to the knees, equal and plump; whereas the poor, hairy and short.
36-37Long-lived persons have long fingers; the fortunate, not bent ones (straight); the intelligent, lean ones; slaves, flat ones; the poor, very thick ones; those who are destined to die by weapons have fingers bent backwards. The wealthy have hands similar to those of monkeys; and sinners, of tigers.
38Wrists that are hidden, firm and of compact joints make men kings; deficient wrists indicate the cutting of hands; loose and sounding ones, poverty.
39-40Men with sunken palms are without patrimony; with palms containing circular depression, rich; with raised ones, philanthropists; with unequal or uneven ones, cruel and poor; with those red like lac wealthy; with yellowish ones, addicted to forbidden women; and with rough and dry ones, penniless.
41Impotent are those that have ‘nails similar to husk, i.e., rough and containing many lines; impoverished, that have flat and split ones; other dependents. that have dirty and colourless ones; and commanders of armies, that have red ones.
42Rich are those that have the figure of barleycorn in the middle of their thumb; blessed with sons, when the figure is at the bottom of the thumb; and fortunate and long-lived, if the joints of the fingers be long.
43The wealthy have glossy and deep lines on their palms; the poor, rough and not deep ones. The poor have their fingers far removed from one another; and the hoarders of wealth, thick ones.
44-50Three lines starting from the wrist and going towards the palm make one a king. One with a palm marked with a pair of fishes performs sacrifice daily (feeds the worthy); men with diamond-shaped figures, become wealthy ; with fish-tail figures, scholars; with the figures of conch, umbrella, palanquin, elephant, horse and lotus, kings; with those of a pitcher, lotus stalk, flag and goad, very rich with buried treasures; with rope-like ones, wealthy ; with those of Swasthika, lords; with those of a wheel, swords, axe, lance, spike, bow and Kunta (spear), commanders of armies; with those of mortar, sacrificers; with those of a crocodile, banner and store-room, blessed with immense wealth; with an altar-like root of the thumb, worshippers of the sacred fire; with the figures of a quadrangular tank, temple and the like as of triangles, performers of religious and meritorious acts. Conspicuous and slender lines at the root of the thumb respectively indicate sons and daughters. The lines (three) touching the fore finger make one live for 100 years; and for shorter ones, proportionate reduction in age will have to be made. The lines cut in the middle indicate a fall from tree. Those who have either too many lines or no lines at all on their palms become utterly indigent.
51-52Very lean and long chins indicate poverty; while fleshy ones, wealth; straight lower lips resembling the Bimba fruit make men kings; while lean (without flesh) ones, poor. The (upper) lips broken, cut, colourless and dry, make men devoid of money. The teeth being glossy and close-knit, and the canine ones very sharp and equal are auspicious.
53Men that are destined to enjoy the pleasures of life have the tongues and palate red, long, tender and quite even; whereas the indigent have them, white or dark and rough.
54The mouth being pleasant, round and closed, clean? soft and even, makes men kings; being contrary, those that are afflicted with troubles; and a very big mouth, makes one unfortunate (miserable).
55-56feminine face belongs to the childless; a round one, to the roguish persons; a long one, to the poor; a cowardly one, to sinners; a quadrilateral one, to the treacherous ; a sunken one, to the childless; a very small one, to misers; and a full, fleshy and handsome one, to those who enjoy pleasures.
57The mustaches and beard being smooth, well-bent and soft, having unsplit ends, are of good augury; being red, hard and short (sparse), produce thieves.
58-59Lean and lank ears lead to a treacherous death; flat ones, to enjoyment of many pleasures; short ones, to miserliness; conical ones, to command of an army; hairy ones, to long life; large (broad) ones, to wealth; those full of veins, to a cruel nature; fleshy and pendent ones, to happiness.
60-62Unsunken cheeks indicate enjoyment of pleasures; and full and plump ones, a minister. A nose similar to a parrot’s beak gives happiness; a dry (without flesh) one, long life. One apparently cut, connection with forbidden women; a long one, fortune; a curved one, stealing nature; a flat one, death at the hands of a woman; one crooked at the tip, wealth; one turned to the right, cruelty and improvidence; and a straight one with small nostrils and fine slopes, good fortune.
63Sneezing once, twice or thrice, high-pitched and resonant is the sign of the wealthy; a prolonged one as well as one of the same pitch throughout, of the long-lived.
64-67Men become wealthy with eyes resembling the petals of a lotus; wealthy and fortunate, with those that have red corners, immensely rich with those coloured tawny like honey; sinners, with feline eyes; thieves, with round and crooked ones resembling those of the gazelle; cruel, with blue ones; commanders of armies, with elephantine ones ; wealthy, with deep ones; scholars, with those having the lustre of blue lilies; The eyes that have very dark pupils will be pulled out; broad and thick eyes make ministers; green ones, fortune; humble ones belong to the poor ; while glossy ones, to those who enjoy immense wealth and pleasures.
68-69Lofty brows are the indications of short life; broad and lofty ones, of great happiness, unequal ones, of poverty; bent ones resembling the crescent, of wealth; long and unconnected ones, of affluence; cut ones, of indigence; and those bent in the middle, of addiction to forbidden women.
70-72By large and high temples, men become wealthy; by sunken ones, devoid of children and money; by an uneven forehead, men become indigent; by one resembling the half-Moon prosperous ; by one large like a shell, preceptors of people; by one filled of veins, addicted to unrighteous acts; by one filled with veins swollen as well as resembling the Swastika figure, opulent; by a depressed one, suffer imprisonment and a foul death, as well as become addicted to cruel deeds; by a raised forehead, commanders of armies; by a round and small one, misers.
73A weeping that is soft, without tears, and not humble, is auspicious to mankind; whereas one that is rough, humble and with copious tears is of evil consequences to them.
74An unshaky laughter is of happy results; one accompanied by closed eyes belongs to a person that acts murderously; a repeated one, to a wicked fellow; and a repetition at the end of one, to a madcap.
75-78Three long lines on the forehead indicate a life of hundred -years four long ones, kingship and a life of 95 years; cut fines or no lines at all, addiction to forbidden women and a life of 90 years; the lines touching the hair on both sides, a life of 80 years; five lines on the forehead, indicate a life of 70 years; all lines converging to a point, of 60 years; many (six) lines, a life of 50 years; crooked ones, of 40 years; those touching the brows, of 30 years; those curved towards the left, of 20 years; slender and small ones, a short life; those short of the above, a life that is to be proportionately calculated.
79-80Men with a round head become rich in cattle; with one like an umbrella, kings; with a flat one, murderers of parents; with one like a cap or turban (lit. skull), long-lived; with a pot-like head, tourists; with a double head, sinners and indigent ; with a depressed head, great men ; and with a too-much depressed one, ill-fated.
81-82One i becomes a king or enjoyer of happiness, if the hairs (on the head) are single in each pore, glossy, dark, bent, with tips unsplit, soft, and not too thick. One becomes penniless with the hair being many in one pore, of unequal length, brown very thick, with tips split, rough, short, too crooked and too dense.
83Whatever limb of the body is rough, without flesh, and full of veins, it is considered to be inauspicious; and the opposite of these is good.
84One becomes a king if one is broad in three limbs, deep in three, raised in six, short in four, red in seven, long in five and slender in five.
85-88It is laudable for men to have (a) the three, viz., navel, voice and courage, deep; (b) the three, breast, forehead and mouth, broad; (c) the six, viz. chest, armpits, nails, nose, mouth and the nape of the neck, raised; (d) the four, viz., the genital organ, back, neck and shanks, short; (e) it leads to happiness of men to have the seven, the corners of eyes, feet, hands, palate, lower lip, tongue and nails, red, (f) the five, the teeth, finger-knuckles, hair, skin and fingers, thin; and only kings have (g) the five, Hanu (the part below the chin), eyes, arms, nose and the space between the paps, long.
89The bodily lustre (complexion) which indicates both good and bad effects and reveals the virtues of the heart, as does the flame of a lamp kept inside a crystal pot, the qualities of brilliance, is to be observed by those well-versed in the science, in men, animals and birds.
90The lustre born of the element, earth, makes the teeth, skin, nails and hair on the body and head glossy, produces fine smell, bestows contentment, wealth, gain and rise in status, and causes engagement in religious and meritorious acts always.
91The lustre born of the element, water, is glossy, white or pure, green, attractive to the eyes, gives amiable qualities, a soft nature, happiness, prosperity all kinds of progress like a mother, and all-round good to human beings.
92The lustre born of the element, Fire, is irascible, irresistible, of the hue of lotus, gold or fire, endowed with brilliance, valour and might, leads to victory of beings and confers immediate accomplishment of the desired object.
93The lustre born of the element, air, is dusky, rough, dark, of foul smell, and leads to murders, imprisonment, diseases, disasters and loss of wealth. The lustre born of the element, ether, is of crystal hue, a bestower of fortune, very generous, very clean and a treasure, as it were, of all good things.
94These are the five kinds of bodily lustre born, in order, of earth, water, fire, air, and ether; but according to others, there are five more, which are in order, born of the Sun, Vishnu, Indra, Yama and the Moon. Since the latter five are similar to the others in characteristics and effects, the five mentioned above have been given as containing the whole matter.
95Kings have a voice similar to the sound of elephants, bulls, a group of chariots, drums, tabors, lions or clouds. Those that are devoid of wealth and happiness, have a voice which is broken, rough or like that of a donkey.
96Living beings have seven vital substances in their body, viz., fat, marrow, skin, bones, semen, blood and flesh. The following are their effects in brief:
97If there be blood-red colour in the palate, lips, jaws, tongue, corners of eyes, anus, hands and feet, men would have the vital substance of blood in abundance, and be endowed with all kinds of happiness, wealth and many wives and children.
98The wealthy have a glossy skin; amiable ones, a soft one; scholars, a thin one; the handsome and those that are blessed with sons and wealth, fat and marrow in plenty.
99One who has thick bones is termed ‘bone-strong’ and has physical strength, good features and sound, learning. Fortunate, learned and handsome are those that have copious and thick semen.
100One who has a well-developed body is termed ‘Flesh-strong’, and possesses learning, wealth and handsome features. Those who have compact joints are said to have ‘cohesion’ and they enjoy happiness.
101Gloss is to be observed in five things, viz., speech, tongue, teeth, eyes and nails. If all these are glossy, men will be blessed with sons, money and fortune; whereas if these are rough, they will be poor.
102A glossy and shining complexion belongs to kings; a medium one, to those with sons and wealth; a rough one, to the indigent; a clean complexion is always good; and not so, a mixed one.
103-104The previous birth is to be deduced from the face; those whose face resembles that of a cow, bull, tiger, lion or eagle, lead a good pre-natal existence and had become great kings of irresistible valour, vanquishing their foes. The previous birth of those who had their face similar to that of a monkey, buffalos boar or goat, had a moderate previous birth, and will enjoy in this birth wealth) happiness and learning. Those whose face and body are like those of a donkey or a camel, will have neither wealth nor happiness. Their previous birth was very bad.
105The height of the best type of men is 108 digits of themselves, that of the medium type, 96 digits, and that of the inferior one, 84 digits.
106A person weighing half a Bhara (1000 Palas) will be happy; one weighing less than that, miserable; those weighing one Bhara, immensely wealthy; and one weighing one Bhara and a half, an emperor.
107A woman of 20 years and a man of 25 years deserve to be weighed and their height measured; or this may be done soon after they pass a fourth part of their span of life.
108The nature of men resembles that of earth, water, fire, air, ether, gods, mortals, demons, devils or beasts. The following are their characteristics:
109A man of earthy nature has the smell of good flowers, enjoys pleasures, has a pleasant breath, and is firm mentally. One of watery nature drinks plenty of water, speaks agreeably and enjoys delicious things.
110A man of fiery disposition is fickle minded, very cruel, irascible, ever hungry and gluttonous. One of airy nature is unsteady in character) lean (weak) physically, and easily loses temper.
111A man of the nature of ether is clever, open-mouthed, expert in grammar, and possessed of limbs with beautiful veins. A man of divine nature is charitable, of soft temper, and devoted to friends.
112A man endowed with a human nature is fond of songs and ornaments, always possesses a good character and shares his wealth with his fellowmen.
113A man of a demoniac nature is hot-tempered, of wicked actions, and sinful. One of a devilish nature is fickle-minded, uncleanly, given to prattling and of a corpulent physique.
114A man of bestial nature is timid, ever hungry and gluttonous. Thus, has been expounded the nature of men which the knowers of characteristics call ‘Sattva’—inner mettle.
115The gait of kings resemble that of lions, swans, intoxicated elephants, bulls or peacocks; that of the rich is slow and without any sound; and that of the poor, brisk and leaping.
116Those learned in the science of human characteristics call a man blest, if he gets the following facilities in time, viz., a conveyance, when fatigued; food, when hungry; drink, when thirsty; and protection, when frightened.