Characteristics of Maidens ||70||

1One who wishes to become the lord of the earth must marry a maiden, the nails of whose feet are glossy, arched, pointed at the tip, and red, the ankle joints, equal, well-developed (fleshy), handsome and hidden; the toes, close-touching, and the soles- as lustrous as a lotus.
2-3Commendable are the feet with tender, unsweating soles and with the marks of fish, goad, lotus, barely, diamond, plough and sword. So also, are the shanks that are perfectly round and without hair and veins. The two knees, being equal and without very prominent joints, are good. The thighs, being plump, without hair and similar to the trunks of elephants, the genital organ being broad and similar to the leaf of the Aswattha tree, the top of the thighs being large and arched like the back of a tortoise, and the Mani (clitoris?) being hidden—all these tend to great prosperity.
4The hips being large, heavy and fleshy, support girdles (and are auspicious); the navel, being deep, broad, and turned from left to right, is laudable in women.
5The waist of a woman being accompanied by three folds and without hair; the bosoms hard, overlapping, round and equal; the breast, tender and without hair; and the neck adorned with three lines—all these, bestow wealth, and happiness.
6The lower lip being similar to the Bandhujeeva flower, fleshy and shaped like a ripe beautiful Bimba fruit, and the teeth alike and similar to the Kunda buds, bestow marital happiness and abundant wealth on women.
7Their speech being full of courtesy, free from roguery, sweet like the notes of the cuckoo or the swan, and not abject, women get very great happiness. Auspicious is the nose that is straight, handsome and having equal slopes. So also, is the eye that defeats the lustre of the petal of a blue lily.
8Blessed are the brows that are not actually joined together, not very broad (thick), not very long, and curved (arched) like the crescent. So is the forehead that is neither sunken, nor arched, without hair and shaped like the half Moon.
9Laudable are the ears that are properly fleshy, soft, equal and close to the head. The hair being glossy, blue, soft, curled and single in each pore, lead to happiness. So does the head, which is even, i. e, neither depressed, nor raised.
10Damsels that have the marks of the following things on their soles or palms attain to the status of queens, viz., water-pot, seat, horse, elephant, chariot, Bilwa tree, sacrificial post, arrow, garland, earring, chowry, goad, barley com, mountain, banner, arch, fish, Swastika, altar, fan, conch shell, umbrella and lotus.
11The hands that have the wrist-joints hidden, are similar to the interior of a full-blown lotus, have the fingers slender and the knuckles far removed, give a damsel the status of a queen. A lady whose palm is neither depressed, nor raised, and bears fine lines (figures of auspicious objects) lives with her husband for a long-time enjoying wealth and the happiness of sons.
12A line on the palm rising from the wrist and touching the middle finger of a woman, or one running from the heel up to the foot of the toes of a man leads them to the happiness of kingship.
13A line rising from the foot of the little finger and going to the space between the fore and middle fingers bestows the maximum span of life, i.e., 120 years. If the line is shorter, proportionate reduction in the span will have to be made.
14The lines at the, foot of the thumb indicates the number of one’s children. Big ones are those of sons, whereas slender ones, of daughters. If these lines are not cut in the middle (at the root), the children will be long-lived and if these are broken and short, they are short-lived.
15Thus have the auspicious features of damsels been described; those contrary to the above are said to be inauspicious. I shall now briefly enunciate the features that are especially of harmful effects.
16A woman whose little toe or one next to it does not touch the earth, or whose fore toe is longer than the big one, is the most sinful prostitute.
17Miserable are the women whose sharks are full of veins, lean or very fleshy, hairy and whose calf-muscles are drawn up; so also, are those whose genital organ has hairy circles turned to the left, is low and narrow (small) and who have a pot-like belly.
18The neck of a woman being too short leads to utter penury; being too long, to the annihilation of the family; and being too broad and flat (prominent?), to her cruelty.
19She who has squint (tremulous) or tawny or grey and fickle eyes, will be of a bad character; and she who, when smiling, shows dimples in her cheeks, is declared undoubtedly an unchaste woman.
20A woman whose forehead is hanging over, will kill her husband’s brother; if the belly is hanging, she will kill her father-in-law; if the buttocks, her own husband. A woman that is too tall, as well as one whose upper lip is covered with too much hair, is harmful to her husband.
21Hairy, dark or unclean and too big breasts, and unequal ears produce misery. Big, protruding and unequal teeth lead to sufferings; and black gums to thievishness.
22Hands that are dry (without flesh), full of veins, unequal and marked with the figures of beasts of prey wolves, crows, herons, worms and owls make women unhappy and poor.
23A woman whose upper lip is very high, and the hair rough at the tips, is fond of quarrel. Generally, blemishes exist in those that are ugly or deformed; and virtues dwell in those that have a pleasant appearance or form.
24-26The feet with the ankle-joints are said to represent the first stage of life; the shanks with the knees, the second; the genital organ, thighs and testicles, the third; the navel and the hips, the fourth; the stomach, the fifth; the heart and the breasts, the sixth; the shoulders and the collar-bones, the seventh; the lips and the neck, the eighth; the eyes and the brows, the ninth; and the head and the forehead, the tenth. When the feet and other limbs are inauspicious, the effects of the particular stages of life will be harmful; and good, when they are auspicious.