Omens from Slits of Garments ||71||

1-7If one wears a new cloth in Aswini, he will get plenty of good cloths; if in Bharani, the cloth will be stolen; if in Krittika, they will be burnt; if in Rohini, there will be acquisition of wealth; if in Mrigasira, fear of mice; if in Ardra, poverty; if in Punarvasu, performance of auspicious ceremonies; if in Pushya, acquisition of wealth; if in Aslesha, the cloth is destroyed; if in Magha, death should be predicted if in Puryaphalguni, there will be fear from the King; if in Uttaraphalguni, acquisition of money; if in Hasta, accomplishment of undertakings; if in Chitra there will be auspicious functions; if in Swati eating of delicious food j if in Visakha, the person will be popular; if in Anuradha, there will be meeting of friends; if in Jyeshtha, there will be loss of cloths; if in Moola, loss of cloths in water; if in Parvashadha, there will be diseases; if in Uttarashadha, there will be sumptuous feast; if in Sravana, there will be eye disease; if in Dhanishtha, there will be gain of corn ; if in Satabhishak, there will arise great danger from poison; if in Purvabhadrapada, there will be danger through water; if in Uttarabhadrapada, a son will be born; and in Revati, there will be acquisition of gems.
8It is advisable to wear new cloths even in an asterism which is devoid of good qualities, provided it is an occasion of a marriage, reception of a sovereign, and honouring of Brahmins.
9In the four corners of a cloth, dwell Gods; in the middle part of, the broad sides, men; and the remaining
three divisions belong to the devils- The same rule applies to couches, seats and sandals.
10When a cloth is stained with ink (soot), cow dunk mud and the like, when it is cut (slit), singed or torn, one ought to know that the effects, good or bad, will be full, when it is new; middling, when used for a short time; and almost nil, when it is old. These effects are greater in the case of upper cloths.
11A slit, etc., in the divisions of devils bode disease or death of the wearer; in those of men, birth of a son and power; in those of Gods, increase of enjoyments; and in the borders, it is said to be invariably harmful.
12A slit in the form of a heron, pelican (?), owl, pigeon, crow, bird of prey, jackal, donkey, camel or snake, though happening in a division belonging to Gods, causes among men a danger amounting to death.
13A slit of the shape of an umbrella, banner, Swasthika, Vardhamana, Bilwa tree, water-pot, lotus, archway, etc., though found in a division of devils, brings fortune immediately to men.
14A new cloth, even at an unlucky asterism, will give good effects, when it is worn with the permission of Brahmins, or when it is a gift from the king or when it is presented at a marriage occasion.