Signs of Chowries ||72||

1They say that the Gods created the Chamara deer in the caves of the Himalayas for the sake on their hair (tails). The hairs growing on their tails are some yellowish, some black, and some white.
2The excellences of the chowries are declared to be glossiness (gloss), tenderness, density of the hair, brightness, being connected with a slender bone and whiteness. Those that are pierced, small or broken off, are inauspicious.
3The handle of the chowrie must measure one cubit, or one and a half» or even smaller cubit, (with the fist closed). One made of auspicious, wood, decked with gold, or silver, and set with, all kinds of gems, as favourable to King.
4The handles of clubs, umbrellas, goads, canes, bows, canopies, spears, banners and chowries of Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas and Sudras, being of the colours, yellow, yellowish-red, honey colour and dark respectively, are favourable to the persons of the respective classes.
5The above objects with an even number of joints (knots), viz. two, four, six, eight, ten and twelve, produce respectively, loss of mother, land, wealth, family, disease and death.
6If the joints are odd, viz., three, five, seven, nine, eleven or thirteen, the effects for the owners are respectively, victory in the marching (success in the journey), destruction of enemies, abundant profits, acquisition of lands, increase of domestic animals and the accomplishment of the desired objects.