Praise Of Women ||74||

1When a country is conquered, the most important thing there is only a city whereof the essential part is a mansion, and in this the most desirable portion is only a room; and even here the most beautiful thing is a couch, whereon an excellent damsel, adorned with gems and gold ornaments, is the pith and essence of the happiness accruing from the possession of a kingdom.
2Damsels beautify gems and they are not adorned by the lustre of the latter; for they captivate the heart even without the aid of gems; but the gem do not without their association with beautiful maidens .
3The embrace of a sweet-heart affords a bit (an iota) of pleasure to the kings who have to suppress their feelings, who strive to vanquish the forces of their foes, who deeply ponder over diplomatic methods that are replete with the ramifications of hundreds of things that are done and rot done, who act upon the advice given by their ministers, who apprehend danger from every quarter (suspect everybody) and who are consequently plunged, so to say, in the ocean of misery.
4Nowhere has the, creator designed any gem other than women, for this gem gives delight to men, when heard of, seen, touched or even remembered; for its sake are done righteous deeds and wealth amassed; from that do men derive worldly pleasures and offspring. Such damsels are the goddesses of fortune. Hence, they should always be honoured at home with respect and wealth.
5It is my conviction that those who, following the path of renunciation or detachment, overlook the virtues of and traduce ladies, are indeed wicked and cynical. For they do not mean what they say.
6Tell me the truth, what fault is there in women that is not committed by men? Men have traduced women as being impudent (or men have outdone women in impudence). They are indeed superior to men in respect of merits. And the following are the statements of Manu on this point.
7The Moon gave them (women) purity (cleanliness); Gandhaya, cultured and sweet speech; the Fire, the capacity to eat all sorts of food. Hence women are like unto pure gold.
8Brahmins are pure at the feet; cows at the back; goats and horses, at the face (mouth); and women are pure all over.
9Being objects of matchless purity, never are women defiled. For the menses remove their blemishes every month.
10Those houses that are cursed by respectable ladies (daughters-in-law) being not properly treated, will totally perish, as if destroyed by which-craft.
11Whether it is the wife or the mother, men are brought into being only by women. What good can you expect, O ungrateful men, from censuring them?
12It has been established in the moral code that the guilt of husband and wife will be equal, if both go astray. But men do not pay any heed to their sins. Hence women are better in this respect.
13A man guilty of going astray in matters sexual will be absolved of the sin by begging alms for six months, wearing a donkey’s hide with its hair exposed.
14Even when men complete a centum of years, their sexual craving does not subside; but they refrain from the act only through incapacity, whereas women do so by conviction and courage.
15How impudent are the immoral fellows that slander blameless women! They are like the thieves actually found stealing and yet crying “Thief, stop!” .
16A man does not resort subsequently to the same coaxing words and actions as done in privacy with his sweethearts; whereas the latter embrace their dead husbands out of gratitude for the good turns done unto them, and enter their funeral pyre .
17A man who enjoys the gem of a damsel is for the time being, (to me) a king, though he is penniless. For the quintessence of a kingdom consists of dainty food and damsels; and all the rest is only fuel for kindling the fire of appetite.
18It is my firm conviction that the erotic bliss that is enjoyed by one’s embracing a loving damsel in the prime of youth, with swelling bosoms, and murmuring sounds, gentle, sweet, tender and suppressed, cannot be had even in the Creator’s Heaven (Brahmaloka).
19Tell me what pleasure is there in Brahma Loka, owing to the Gods, Sages, Siddhas and celestial bards attending upon the Manes and other Worshipful Beings, such as cannot be found in embracing a damsel in privacy.
20The whole universe, from Brahman to the smallest worm is based on the union of the male and female. Why then should we feel ashamed of it, when even Lord Siva was forced to take four faces on account of his greed to have a look at a maiden?