Further Omens ||96||

1One conversant with the cries of birds and beasts ought to declare the effects of omens only after understanding the relative strength of the particular quarter, place, movements, sound, the particular weekday, asterism, Muhurta, Hora, Karana, the Ascendant, its divisions and its being a moveable, fixed or dual sign.
2In the case of persons who do not proceed on a journey, there are two kinds of the effects of omens, viz., the unstable (future) and the stable. To the first category belong those pointing to the king, envoy, spy, foreign countries, attack (troubles) and kinsmen .
3The effect of omens referring to imprisonment, meeting (acquisition), meals, thieves, fire, rain, festivities, sons, death, quarrels and fears belong to the ‘stable’ category, provided the Ascendant and the sign occupied by the Moon at the time are fixed signs; if they are moveable ones, they belong to the unstable category.
4The effects are called ‘stable’, when the omens occur in a firm place, on a stone, in a house, a temple, on the earth and near water; and when they are in moving things, etc., they are called ‘unstable’ or Future.
5All omens that are situated m an Ascendant happening to be a watery sign (Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces), in a watery asterism (Purvashadha, Satabhisha), in a watery Muhurta (having the name of water or presided over by Varuna), in a quarter presided over by Varuna, and in a place where there is water, that occur at the end of the fortnights, that are ‘blasted’ (by Gods or by action), and that cry, produce rain. Under the same circumstances, even a ‘Tranquil’ omen that is aquatic causes rain.
6An omen blasted by the Sun and posited in the S, E. corner in a fiery Ascendant (Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius), in a fiery Muhurta, in the Krittika asterism, and in a place where fire is kept, causes danger from fire, while crying; similarly one occurring in Vishti Katana, in a star presided over by Yama (Bharani), in a sign of Saturn happening to be the Ascendant and in thorny trees, and on creepers without leaves, causes harm.
7A rural bird or beast that is ‘blasted’ by voice or action, that is crying fiercely, that is standing on a thorny tree in S. W., in a Lagna owned by Mars, and facing a person, leads to quarrel when seen.
8Or, when the creature cries with its face hung down, standing in a corner and in a Navamsa of Venus happening to be rising or occupied by the Moon, and being ‘blasted’ (in place or sound), the person will get a woman of the type assigned to the particular corner.
9An omen that is ‘Blasted’ and posited in a male Ascendant, in an odd Tithi and in a cardinal
10If an omen that is ‘Blasted’ cries, when the Ascendant or its Navamsa is owned by Sun or when the Sun himself is in the Ascendant, the arrival of an eminent personage is indicated.
11At the commencement of any work, count the distance in signs from the one occupied by the Sun to the Lagna in the manner of ‘Weal’ and ‘Woe’ in order. Accordingly, wealth or misery will have to be predicted.
12-13If the Sun is posited in the 12th place from the Lagna at the time, the person whom one will meet will be blind of the right eye; if the Moon be there, he will be blind of the left eye; if the Sun be in the Lagna itself and be aspected by malefics, he will be completely blind. If the Sun in the above condition be in his own Rasi, he will be hunch-backed, deaf or an imbecile. If the 6th house from the Lagna be occupied and aspected by malefics, the person will have ulcer in the limb indicated by that sign. In this- way, whatever marks or forms (colours) have been expounded by me in connection with the time of births will have to be adopted here too .
14If at the time of a query or some body’s arrival the rising sign (or Navamsa) is moveable, the name of the person concerned will consist of two syllables; if it is a fixed one, four syllables; if a dual Rasi, he will have a double name, of which the first will have 3 syllables and the second 5.
15-16The guttural, palatal, lingual, dental and labial classes respectively belong to Mars, Venus. Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn; the eight letters beginning with to the Moon; and the vowels from (…), to the Sun. For the planets beginning with the Sun (owning the rising sign or Navamsa), the names will be synonymous with those of Fire, Water, Subrahmanya, Vishnu. Indra, Sachi and Brahman respectively, and they will have to be reconstructed as consisting of two, three, four or five syllables, by one’s own intelligence.
17The age of persons will have to be ascertained from the planets, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, the Sun and Saturn, as that of a baby fed by breast-milk, a child (between 2 and 6 years), a celibate (7 to 16 years), a youth (17 to 30), a middle-aged person (from 31 to 50 years), an old man (51 to 80 yeairsl and a very, old man (81 to 100 years) respectively.