On the Time of Fruition of Effects ||97||

1-3The effects—good or bad—accruing from the transit of the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu and from Solar eclipse Twashtru, Tamasa Keelaka, a dusky comet, a white comet, misty haloes round the Sun and the Moon, Rainbow, twilights and shapes of clouds will come to pass within the period noted against each as shown below:
4and fruits out of season, burning of quarters, the reversal of the states of moving and fixed objects and abnormal births, will come to pass in six months.
5Things being done without an agent, earthquake, stoppage of festivities, terrible calamities, withering or drying of never-drying things and streams refusing to flow or flowing upwards, these effects will be felt iri half a year.
6The effects of pillars, granaries, images, speeches, weeping, quaking, sweating, quarrels rainbows, and portentous thunder will be felt in three months.
7The effects of the pests, viz., worms, rats, flies and snakes, of the cries of beasts and birds, and of the floating of clods of earth in water will be felt in three months alone.
8The effects of bitches bringing forth their young ones in the forest^ the entry of wild animals into the village, bee-hives arches and Indra’s banner will be felt in a year or little more.
9Groups of jackals and vultures make their effects felt in ten days; the sound of musical instrument (when beaten, no sound appearing, and when not beaten sound appearing), the very same day; imprecations, sudden appearance of ant-hills in a house, and bursting of the earth, in a fort-night.
10The effects of flames appearing without the existence of fire, the shower of gee, oil, fat and the like, come to pass on the same day; and of utterance of people, in a month and a half.
11The effects of royal umbrellas sacrificial altars, sacrificial posts fire and seeds will come to pass in 7 fortnights; but some hold that those of umbrellas and arches will be felt in a month.
12The effects of friendship between deadly enemies, sounds of animals in the sky and several union of the cat or the mongoose with the rat and sexual union to pass in a month.
13The effect of aerial cities, sudden change of taste of articles, discoloration of gold, flags, houses, and the quarters filled with dust or smoke will’ be felt in a month.
14The eight asterisms beginning with Aswini make their effect felt in nine, one, eight, ten, one, six, three and three months respectively and Aslesha, the same day.
15The twelve asterisms banning with Magha make their effects felt in one month, six months, six months, three months, half a month, eight months, three months, six months, one month, one month, six months and six months respectively; and Abhijit, the same day.
16The asterisms beginning with Sravana make their effects felt in seven, eight, one and a half, three, three and five months respective.
17If the effect of the portent mentioned above do not come to pass at the time fixed, they will do so with greater vehemence at double the time, if they are no warded off by expiatory ceremonies performed according to, the precepts of the Sastras by Brahmins along with gifts of gold, gems and cows.