On the Functions and Properties of Tithis or Lunar days ||99||

1-3The lords of the lunar days are in their order: Brahman, Vidhata, Vishnu, Yama, the Moon, Subrahmanya, Indra, the Vasus, Serpent, Dharma, Rudra, Aditya, Manmatha, Kali and the Visvedevas; those of the New Moon are the Manes. Functions appropriate to the deities must be performed on their respective days. These are further divided into five classes of 3 days each. 1, 6 and 11—Nandas; 2, 7 and 12 — Bhadras; 3, 8 and 13—Jayas ; 4, 9 and 14—Rikthas; and 5, 10 and 15—Pumas. Works that are prescribed for the several asterisms should be done on the lunar days that are owned by the same deities. In the same way, they should be done with reference to the Karanas and Muhurthas by the identity of the presiding deities for ensuring success. On the 1st Tithi Brahminic ceremonies such as marriage may be performed; on the 2nd, laying foundation for houses, etc.; on the 3rd, tonsure, etc.; on the 4th, destruction of enemies may be undertaken; on the 5th, emetics, tonics, etc.; on the 6th, getting new friends, coronation, etc.; on the 7th, construction of vehicles, journey, etc.; on the 8th, taking up of arms, fortification, etc.; on the 9th, ruining and killing enemies; on the 10th, meritorious . deeds, worship of Brahmins, etc.; on the 11th, permanent and temporary delicate work; on the 12th, fire-worship; on the 13th, making friendship, enjoyment of sensual pleasures etc.; on the 14th, administration of poison» mercury, etc.; on the 15th, propitiation of the Manes.