Effects of Planetary Combination at the Time of Marriage ||103||

1If the Sun or Mars occupy the Lagna at the time of marriage, the girl will become a widow; Rahu in such a position will deprive her of her children Saturn will make her penurious; Venus, Mercury or Jupiter will give her a good character ; the Moon will cut short her span of life.
2The Sun, Saturn, Rahu or Mars posited in the 2nd house from the Lagna causes unfailingly indescribable miseries arising from poverty; Jupiter, Venus or Mercury in such a position makes the girl very rich and have a long-lived husband; the Moon enables her become the mother of many children.
3The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus or Mercury, when posited in the 3rd house from; the Lagna, makes her always wealthy and have many children; Saturn makes her famous and the beloved of; her husband; Rahu in such a position invariably causes death.
4When Saturn occupies the 4th houses very little milk will flow from her breasts ; the Sun or the Moon in such a position makes her unfortunate (i.e., disliked by the husband) ; Rahu creates enemies (or a cowife) ; Mars causes poverty; Venus Jupiter or Mercury bestows happiness.
5The Sun or Mars in the 5th house from the Lagna will certainly destroy her issue; Mercury, Jupiter or Venus bestows many sons; Rahu causes death; Saturn, a feel disease; the Moon brings about the girl’s death ere long.
6Saturn, the Sun, Rahu, Jupiter or Mars in die 6th house makes the bride the beloved of her husband, and devoted to the elders (such as the father-in-law); die Moon makes her a widow; Venus, penurious; Mercury, wealthy but fond of quarrels.
7Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Rahu, the Sun, the Moon and Venus posited in the 7th house, cause perforce widowhood, imprisonment, destruction, decay, loss of wealth, disease, absence in other places and death respectively.
8Jupiter and Mercury (severally or together) in the 8th house cause separation between the husband and the wife for certain; the Moon, Venus and Rahu cause death; the Sun makes her predecease her husband; Mars, sickly; Saturn, wealthy and the beloved of her husband.
9Venus, the Sun, Mars and Jupiter posited in the 9th house make the girl devoted to virtue; Mercury gives her good health; Rahu and Saturn make her barren; the Moon gives her daughters and much roaming about.
10Rahu in the 10th house causes widowhood; the Sun and Saturn make her addicted to sinful deeds; Mars causes death; the Moon makes her indigent and unchaste (frail); the others (Mercury, Jupiter and Venus), wealthy and beloved of the husband.
11The Sun posited in the 11th house bestows many sons; the Moon, wealth; Mars, sons; Saturn, wealth; Jupiter, longevity; Mercury, prosperity; Rahu, long life on the husband; and Venus, riches.
12Jupiter in the 12th house confers wealth on the bride; the Sun makes her poverty-stricken; the Moon, a spend-thrift; Rahu, immoral; Venus, devoted her husband; Mercury bestows many children and grandchildren; Saturn and Mars make her heart addicted to drink.
13The dust that is raised in the evening by the pointed hoofs of the cows beaten by the cowherds with their sticks is favourable for the marriage of beautiful girls. It bestows abundant wealth, sons, sound health and leads to the husband’s affection. At this time, it is not at all necessary to consider the asterism, the Tithi, Karana, Yoga and Lagna. For, the dust raised by cows is noted for giving happiness to men and wards off all sins.