On Transits of Planets ||104||

1Generally, ancient gems and Sastras which are without strings (unstrung) and a metrical form (respectively), whose bores are quite visible and faults apparent (respectively), become fit to be worn as ornaments and to be held in high esteem (respectively), when they are combined with new strings and excellent ideas couched in fine metres (respectively).
2Generally, the transit of planets comes within the purview of our daily experience. Hence, I shall expound its effects, O noble persons in variW metres. Kindly excuse my volubilily.
3Or, my statements on this subject will surely be admired by the learned who have heard those of Mandavya, for men do not love their devout and chaste wives so much as they do courtesans.
4The Sun in his transit is beneficial in the 6th. 3rd and 10th places from the Janma Rasi; the Moon in the Janma Rasi, the 3rd, 6th, 7th and the 10th houses, Jupiter, in the 2nd, 5th, 7th and 9th; Mars and Saturn, in the 3rd and 6th; Mercury, in the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th; all the planets are beneficial when they transit the 11th place. Venus causes dread like the tiger in the 6th, 7th and 10th; (in other places, he confers beneficial results).
5The Sun passing through the Janma Rasi causes fatigue, reduces wealth, brings on bowel-disease and wearisome travelling. When he transits the 2nd house, there will be loss of wealth and the persop will, be unhappy. He will be duped and suffer from eye-trouble, In the 3rd house, acquisition of a new position, advent of moneys, happiness, freedom from sickness and destruction of enemies will be the result. In the 4th house, the Sun causes diseases, and there will often arise impediments to the native in the matter of his sexual enjoyments.
6When the Sun transits the 5th house, there will be multifarious troubles arising from illness and enemies; in the 6th, he puts an end to illness, enemies and grief; in the 7th, there will be wearisome travelling, diseases of the stomach and humiliation; in the 8th, he will suffer from fear and diseases ; and even his own wife will speak harshly to him.
7The Suft in the 9th causes danger, humiliation, disease and impediments to wealth and undertakings; in the 10th house, a very mighty undertaking will be successfully completed. A new position, honour, wealth and freedom from disease will be the effect of the Sun’s transit in the 11th house. When the Sun passes through the 12th, the activities of only those that have a bright character will be successful and not of others.
8The Moon in her travel through the Janma Rasi gives excellent dishes, couches and shawls; in the 2nd, reduces honour and wealth and causes impediments; in the 3rd, confers clothes, damsels, wealth, success and happiness; when she is in the 4th, one loses trust in others as in a mountain infested with snakes.
9The Moon in the 5th brings about humiliation, illness, grief and obstruction to journey; in the 6th, confers wealth and happiness and destroys enemies and diseases; in the 7th confers vehicles, honour, couches, food and money. Whoever is not frightened as by a snake trodden upon accidentally, when the Moon is in the 8th?
10The Moon in the 9th causes imprisonment, agony, suffering and stomach diseases; in the 10th, confers position of authority and accomplishment of one’s task; in the 11th, prosperity, meeting of friends, riches and joy; in the 12th, causes expenses and blemishes caused by one’s own action, as in the case of a bull (which spoils both its hoofs and horns, by striking the earth, etc.)
11Mars in the Janma Rasi causes bodily affliction; in the 2nd, trouble from the sovereign and enemies, quarrels, excessive bilious troubles, fire accidents, robbery and disease, though the person is like Upendra or thunderbolt.
12Mars in the 3rd confers benefits through thieves and urchins, energy, authority, wealth, woolen articles, mineral wealth and the like.
13Mars in the 4th causes, fever, stomach maladies, bleeding and great harm through the association with the wicked.
14Mars in the 5th causes enmity, illness, anger, fear, grief on account of one’s sons, and a quick loss of energy as the tossing of a jasmine wreath from the head of a monkey.
15Mars in the 6th brings about the termination of strife with one’s enemies, fear and quarrels, and confers gold, corals and copper thus enabling a person to hold his bead aloft.
16Mars in the 7th causes quarrel ones wife, eye-trouble and stomach-disease; in the 8th house the native will be emaciated through bleeding, and there will be loss of wealth and honour; in the 9ih house, he will suffer insults loss of wealth and impeded gait owing to the loss of bodily fluids and consequent weakness.
17Mars in the 10th produces neutral effects; in the 11th, he causes gain of various kinds of riches and success, and enables one to exercise power and authority over the country, just as a bee has its free movements and
enjoyment in a forest of abundant flowers.
18Mars in the 12th house tortures a man with expenditure of various kinds, hundreds of disasters, wrath of women, bilious affections and eye-pain, though rite person may be proud of his being a scion of Indra (or birth in the family of Indra).
19When Mercury transits through the Janma-Rasi, a man will have his wealth depleted through wicked persons, talebearers, enemies duplicity, imprisonment and quarrels, and he will not hear even a kind word in bis wanderings.
20When Mercury passes through the 2nd house, a person will meet with ill-treatment or insult, but will acquire wealth; when he travels through the 3rd, he will make friends, have fear at heart for the king and enemies and roam about briskly on account of his wicked deeds.
21During Mercury’s transit through the 4th house, the person’s relatives and family will prosper, and he will gain wealth; when he travels through the 5th house, the person concerned will quarrel with his sons and wife and will not enjoy even his charming wife.
22During Mercury’s transit through the 6th house, the person gets popularity, success and rise; when he passes through the 7th, he loses his lustre, and have quarrels often; when through the 8th, he will have gains, success, children, clothes, money and skill that brings Solace to his heart.
23When Mercury passes through the 9th house, he creates obstacles; through the 10th, kills enemies, bestows wealth, a beautiful damsel on a couch, her house property, fine words and sheets.
24When Mercury passes through the 11th house, the person will get wealth, sons, happiness, wife, friends, vehicles and contentment; he will- also speak sweet words; when through the 12th, he will be troubled by enemies, insults and diseases; he will not be able to enjoy the pleasure of union with his beloved.
25When Jupiter passes through the Janma Rasi, the person will lose his money, mental balance and position; he will quarrel frequently; when he travels through the 2nd, he will get wealth and be free from enemies; his belovd will sport with his mouth as does a bee with the, lotus.
26When Jupiter passes the through the 3rd house, the person will be troubled by loss of position, and his undertaking will be foiled; when through the 4th, he will be troubled by multitudinous worries caused by his relatives, and he will get peace of mind neither in the village, nor in the forest that abounds in intoxicated peacocks.
27Jupiter passing through the 5th house bestows servants, meritorious acts, sons, elephants, horses, bulls, gold, houses in town, young women, garments, gems and a number of virtues.
28When Jupiter passes through the 6th house, even a friend’s face bright with the Tilaka will not please a person’s heart; nor the forest that is resounding with the notes of peacocks and cuckoos and looking wonderful by the frisking of the fawns.
29Jupiter in the 7th confers couches, erotic pleasure, wealth, food, flowers, vehicles, graceful speech and intelligence.
30Jupiter in the 8th house causes imprisonment, disease, intense grief, hardships on a journey, and diseases almost amounting to death. When travelling in the 9th house, Jupiter confers skill, authority, sons, success in the task undertaken, wealth and fertile lands.
31Jupiter in the 10th house destroys one’s portion health and wealth; in the 11th, be bestowed the above things; in the 12th, he gives grief causing the person to swerve from the right path, though he may be proceeding in a chariot on his journey.
32When Venus in his transit travels through the Janma Rasi, he confers on the person concerned a good deal of the requisites of love, fragrant and attractive perfumes, flowers and garments couches, houses, seats and food. Consequently, the person will act the part of a bee on the lotus of the face of an intoxicated beloved.
33Venus in the 2nd house bestows issue, wealth, corn, royal favour, family interests, flowers and gem-ornaments. Consequently, the person though grown old with grey hairs (like the flowers of Tilaka in the spring season), enjoys sexual pleasures.
34When Venus passes through the 3rd house, the person gets authority, wealth, honour, position, prosperity, garments and destruction of enemies; when Venus travels through the 4th, he beets with friends, and gets power similar to that of Rudra, Indra and thunderbolt.
35When Venus passes through the 5th house, the person’s elders are pleased; relatives come to him; he also gets issue, wealth, friends’ helping hands; and his enemies are destroyed.
36When Venus passes through the 6th house, the person suffers humiliation, disease and mental torment; when through the 7th, some disaster pertaining to or caused by women; when through the 8th, he gets houses, attendants and a prosperous wife.
37When Venus passes through the 9th house, the person performs religious acts, gets women, happiness and wealth, and garments; when through the 10th, he suffers insults and quarrels invariably though he speaks very few words.
38When Venus passes through the 11th house, the person gets friends, wealth, food and parfumes; when through the 12th, he acquires wealth and garments, but certainly loses some of the latter.
39When Saturn in his transit passes through the Janma Rasi, the person will be troubled by poison or fire will be separated from his kith and kin, will hill his relationship, will wander in foreign land, will have neither friends, nor a house to live in, will be hateful in appearance, will be poor, without children, a wanderer and Dale.
40When Saturn possess through the 2nd house in his transit the person will be bereft of good appearance, happines, pride and energy; even if he, should earn much wealth through other channels, it would not stay with him as water in a bamboo leaf.
41When Saturn passes through the 3rd house, one gets money, slaves attendants, camels, buffaloes, horses, elephants, donkeys, houses, wealth, sound health and freedom from illness; and even if he is a coward, he will curb his mighty enemies, through heroic efforts.
42When Saturn passes through the 4th house, the person will be separated from his friends, wealth, wife and others; and everywhere his mind will be wicked, sinful and crooked like the serpent’s crawling.
43When Saturn passes through the 5th house, one will be bereft of sons and wealth, and will be involved in serious quarrels; when through the 6th, he will have his enemies completely subdued, and will also become
free from diseases; he will lick the lips of a charming damsel.
44When Saturn passes through the 7th house, the person will wander away from home; when, through the 8th, he will be without wife and children, and will engage himself in mean activities; when through the 9th, he will suffer similar troubles, and his religious duties, such as worshipping the sacred fire, will have a break through hatred, heart-disease and imprisonment.
45When Saturn passes though the 10th house the person will acquire some position (or work) but will suffer loss of wealthy learning and fame; when through the 11th, he will develop a sharp temper, will have intercourse with others’ wives and also come by others’ wealth; when through the 12th, he will get a series of the waves of miseries.
46A planet that bestows by nature beneficial results yields its effects in conformity with the Dasa period through which the person is passing and with his merits. For the cloudy canopy does not release sufficient water even for (to fill) the Kudava measure in the spring season.
47The Sun and Mars should be devoutly worshiped with red flowers, copper coloured perfumes, gold, bulls and Bakula blossoms; the Moon, with cows, white flowers, silver and sweet substances; Venus, with aphrodisiacs, etc.; Saturn, with black articles; Mercury, with gems, silver and Tilaka flowers; Jupiter, with yellow things. When these planets are pleased, there will be no trouble to the person, even if he falls down from a great height or enters the midst of sporting snakes.
48Ward off the evil effects of malefic aspects by the worship of Gods and Brahmins, by propitiatory ceremonies, Japa (repetition of holy Manthras), observances, gifts, self-control and speaking to and associating with Brahmins.
49The Sun and Mars yield results, good or bad, in the first half of the sign travelled, while the Moon and Saturn, in the latter half. The Giti and Upagiti varieties of the Arya follow respectively the first half and second half of the ordinary Arya in both the halves.
50Mercury causes the same effects at the end of a Rasi as in its beginning (that is, the same effects throughout the sign), just as the number of groups of Matras is the same in both the halves of the Upagiti, or as friendship with the virtuous.
51Jupiter passing through the middle of odd houses produces disasters even to the righteous, and when through the 6th house, reduces the person to abject slavery or degradation, just as all varieties of the (…) Are spoiled by the presence of the (…) in the odd places, but it should be found in the 6th group, or it should consist of four short syllables.
52When a strong benefic is aspected by a strong malefic, or when a strong malefic is aspected by a strong benefic, his benefic or malefic effects will be neutralized, just as the (Prakrit) Geetaka and (Sanskrit) Narkutaka are equal in all respects.
53All the good effects enumerated above will be nullified, when the planet under consideration is in depression, in an inimical house, is eclipsed, or is aspected by an enemy, just as the amorous side-long glances of a loving damsel are futile on a blind man.
54Saturn gives the same effects as the Sun does in his transit, while Mercury resembles in effect the planet he conjoins with, just as the (Prakrit) Skandhaka, follows (Sanskrit) Geeti, Magadhi Vaitaliya and Gatha, Arya in metrical feet.
55When Saturn is eclipsed by the Sun’s rays, his power to do harm to human beings increases greatly, except in the case of those noble persons who act; righteously, just as bile being greatly vitiated (made powerful) by men basking in the Sun, tortures them, leaving out those careful men who have a regulated diet.
56The nature of the Moon varies according to the planet she conjoins with, just as the facial expression does according to the mental frame.
57When planets are ill-placed a man is belittled, just as the 5th syllable in all the quarters and the 7th in the 2nd and 4th are short in the metre.
58A person, though low-born and of reprehensible conduct, becomes respectable in the world, when the planets are well-placed in transit, just as a short syllable occurring at the end of a foot comes to be treated as long.
59If the wise begin a work for achieving prosperity when the planets are ill-placed, that itself will destroy them, just as the ceremony for raising a goblin, done improperly, destroys the doer himself.
60A king, though endowed with little prowess, starting on an expedition at the proper time, in view of the good positions of the planets, (See XVI-40 supra) achieves greatness that is eulogized in the scriptures.
61aOn the day presided over by the Sun, if he be passing through the 3rd, 6th, 10th or the 11th house from the Janma Rasi or posited in the Lagna, work connected with the following ‘things may be done with advantage: gold, copper, horse, wood, bones, skin, woolen articles, mountain, tree, a perfume called shell, serpent, thief, weapons, forest, cruel deeds, service of kings, coronation of kings, medicine, silk, trade (jungle products), cowherd, physician, stone, fraud, spotless ones, famous ones, heroic, famous in battle, one on march and fire.
61bOn a day presided over by the Moon, or when she is in the Lagna or when Kataka is rising, or when she is posited in one of the Kendra houses, work connected with the following things will be successful:— ornaments, conch-shells, pearls, lotus and the like, silver, water, sacrifice, sugar-cane, eatables, women, milk, milk-trees, grass, marshy place, corn, liquids Brahmins, path, singing, horned animals, agriculture, etc., commander of the army, a king who attacks another from behind, kings, evincing popularity, nocturnal beings, medicines for phlegm, maternal uncle, flowers and clothes.
61cOn the day presided over by Mars, the following things become successful:— All activities connected with mines, ores, etc., gold, fire, corals, weapons, cruel deeds, theft, hitting (attacking), forests, fortresses, command of an army, trees with red flowers, other red substances, bitter and pungent things, earning wealth
by fraud and snake-charm, boys, physicians, Buddhist monks, nocturnal activities, lord of the exchequer, roguery and ostentations.
61dWhen Mercury is in the Lagna or presides over the day, all work undertaken in connection with the following things will be crowned with success:—Green articles, gems, lands, perfumes, garments, things that are both harsh and mild, drama, Sastra, science, poetry, all fine arts, preparation of compounds, mixtures, etc., achieving a Mantra, alchemy, arguments, skill, meritorious deeds, observance of vows, messenger, tonics (that prolong life), feigned talk, lies, bath, things done in a short, moderate and long interval (or short, medium and long articles?) as are the foot-prints on the earth during a heavy rain.
62On the day presided over by Jupiter, all things pertaining to the following may be done with advantage:—Gold, silver, horses, elephants, bulls, physicians, medicines, propitiation of Brahmins, the Manes and Gods, leaders (infantry), umbrellas, chowries, ornaments, kings, temples (or installation of deities and construction of houses), performance of Dharmic acts, auspicious ceremonies, Sastras, attractive things, tonics (or food that gives strength), truthful speech, observance of vows, sacrifices, wealth, beautiful and excellent things, like a stick with good colours.
63On the day presided over by Venus, things connected with the following may lead to success: Painting, clothes, aphrodisiacs, courtesans, loving damsels, sport, laugh, enjoyment of youth, places of attraction or enjoyment, crystals, silver, indulging in amorous activities, vehicles, sugar-cane, autumnal crops, cattle, trade agriculture, medicines, and lotus and the like. On the day presided ’over by Saturn, one ought to do work pertaining to the following things in order to achieve success: —She-buffalo, goat, camel, dark metal (iron); slaves, old persons, low-born persons, bird, thieves, hunters, the immodest, broken pots, elephant-caching and obstructionist-activities. Otherwise, one will not get even a drop of water in the ocean.
64Although one knows the extensive ramifications of the science of Prosody or cannot do more than this (cannot employ other varieties of metres), Hence Varahamihira has given this summary or essence of metres that are pleasant to hear.