On the Worship of the Stellar Deity ||105||

1-5The feet of the stellar deity are represented by the asterism Mula; the shanks, by Rohini; the knees, by Aswini; the thighs, by Purva and Uttara Ashadhas; the privities, by Purva and Uttata Phalgunis; the hips, by Krittika; the sides, by Purva and Uttara Bhadrapadas; the stomach, by Revati; the breast, by Anuradha; the back, by Dhanishta; the arms, by Visakha; the hands, by Hasta; the fingers, by Punarvasn; the nails (of the hands), by Aslesha; the neck, by Jyeshta; the ears, by Sravana; the mouth, by Pushya; the teeth, by Swati; laugh, by Satabhishak; the nose, by Magha; the eyes, by Mrigasiras; the forehead, by Chitra; the head by Bharani; and the hair, by Ardra. In this manner, the form of the stellar deity has to be constituted by those who wish for good physical features.
6One ought to worship Lord Vishnu and the (…) and then observe fast on the 8th day of the dark fortnight in the month of Chaitra, when the Moon passes through the asterism of Mula.
7When the above observance is over, the person should make a gift of a vessel filled with clarified butters along with gold, gems and cloths according to his capacity to a Brahmin who is an expert astrologer.
8A person who wishes for beautiful features shall worship and feed Brahmins with food abounding in milk and ghee, mixed with jaggery; he should also present them with gold, cloths, and silver. Then he should fast regularly on the days when the Moon passes through the several asterisms beginning with Mula and representing the various limbs of the (…) and also worship in accordance with Vedic rules both Lord Hari and the (…).
9One who has performed the above worship will have (in the next birth) long arms (touching the knees), broad and muscular breast, moon-like face, white and beautiful teeth, the gait of a lordly elephant, long eyes resembling the lotus, an appearance captivating the hearts of damsels and a body verily like that of Cupid.
10-12A woman who performs the Worship as prescribed above will be born with a face as bright and spotless as the autumnal full Moon, eyes like the petals of lotus, beautiful (and sparkling) teeth, fine ears, hairs resembling the belly of the bees, a voice as sweet as that, of an intoxicated cuckoo, red lips, hands and feet as tender and charming as lotus-petals, a slender waist bending under the weight of the bosoms, a navel with turns from left to right, thighs similar to plantain trees, fine buttocks and excellent loins She will win the love of her husband, and have well-knit toes. She may also be born man.
13Such a person—man or woman—will become a star and move with the stars in the sky as long as the clusters of stars illumine the world, while moving in the sky till the end of the creator’s day, i.e., Kalpa. And when the universe is recreated, the person will become an intelligent monarch; and will be reborn in the world as a king or a wealthy Brahmin.
14-15The twelve lunar months beginning with Margasirsha are said to be presided over by Kesava, Narayana, Madhava, Govinda, Vishnu, Madhusudana, Trivikrama Vamana, Sridhara, Hrishikesa, Padmanabha and Damodara respectively.
16One who fasts on the l2th days of the several months and worships Lord Kesava with his respective names attains His position, where there is absolutely no fear of re-birth. (He becomes one with Him or attains emancipation).