Good and bad results ||2||

1The five auspicious omens produce the achievement of desired objects. And the five inauspicious omens lead to undesirable result. If both auspicious and inauspicious omens are seen, the result has to be told by judgement of the strength of the omens. Results can be proclaimed on the basis of the strength of even four or less number of omens.
2The house which is associated or aspected by its lord flourishes and yields its results fully. If the places 2, 4, 7, 10 and 12 counted from a house are occupied by benefics, the house flourishes. If the said places are occupied by malefics, it decays.
3The different synonyms of the names of the twelve houses as also the names acquired by them through their functions are being told according to the opinion of the ancient sages. From these the results of the querries have to be judged.
4Health, honour, qualities, nature, conduct, age, state, caste, purity, happiness, misery, expression, form, colour, wife of nephew – all these are to be judged from the first house.
5Manikya (ruby), pearl, gem, metallic ores, articles, dress, gold, house, silver, grains, transactions, buying and selling – all these are to be judged from the 2nd house in general.
6Daughter-in-law, younger brother, welfare, intellect, gains, servants, servant maids, valorous actions and things relating to brother – all these are to be judged from the third house.
7-8House, treasure, entry into caves and other holes, great medicines, cultivated lands, fields, orchards, friends, water, ceremonies in connection with ancestors, coming and going, village, happiness, demotions, loss of post, gains, entry into a house, increase, parents, deeds relating to one’s native country and gains therefrom all these are to be judged from the fourth house.
9Deeds of many kinds, humility, execution, planning, learning, Niti, intellect, hymns, chanting, compromise, pregnancy, children, intellect and happiness derived through children and wealth are matters to be judged from the fifth house.
10Bad health, bad state, enemies, servants, cruel deeds, heavy actions, witchcraft applied by enemies with an intention of killing enemies, doubts, wars, uncle, buffaloes, diseases, etc. are to be considered from the sixth house.
11Buying, health, trade, debates, lust, servants, wife, women, thefts, returning from travel, sister’s son (nephew), coming and going – all these are denoted by the seventh house.
12Longevity and enmity, death, ruling powers, strife, quarrels, cleft, quarrels among relatives, hatred, places difficult to approach, fort, destruction of wife and enemies, crossing of rivers etc. are to be seen from the eighth house.
13Sacred study of books, intention in Vedic temples, travels to holy places, love, coronation of kings, preceptor, meritorious deeds, reservoirs of water (wells, ponds, lakes etc.) brothers-in-law, brothers of husbands and wives and governmental favour are matters to be seen from the ninth house.
14Clues from the sky, rains, actions of one’s father and his place, respect, merit, country, power authority, cows, fall from position, (displacements, demotions, etc.) are judged from the tenth house.
15Advancement of one’s actions, success in enterprises, gains from trade, elephants, houses, dress, transport, vehicles, bedding, loss of gold and wealth, gains of damsels and elephants, father-in-law are judged from the eleventh house.
16Renunciation, enjoyments, sacrifices, marriage, donation, cultivation, expenditure, injury, maternal uncle, mother’s sister, wife of maternal uncle, wars, defeat in a war are matters to be seen from the twelfth house.
17The objects that are to be judged from the different houses as proclaimed by the great Acharyas, Yavana, etc. become the functional names attributed to the house. From the corresponding house, the objects should be judged, in a query.
18While answering queries, whatever object is under consideration, the house representing the same should be treated as the ascendant and the results declared.
19From the functions attributed to the different houses, the ascendant has to be determined as told above. Past has to be judged from the 12th house and future from the 2nd house.
20Combinations for success of the object of the query: If the ascendant falls in a Shirshodaya sign or in the sign of a benefic planet, the result of the query will be auspicious. Under opposite circumstances, results will be just the reverse. If the circumstances are mixed, results will also found to be of mixed nature.
21All the desired objects are achieved if the benefics occupy the quadrants (1, 4, 7 & 10) and the trikona houses (5 and 9) and at the same time malefics are situated in the house 3, 6 and 11 and they do not occupy the angular house (1, 4, 7 and 10) and the 8th house.
22If the lord of an angular house is placed in the ascendant or the friend of the lord of the ascendant be placed in an angular house and malefic planets do not occupy Kendras, 8th house and the 12th house (1, 4, 7, 10, 8 and 12), the result of the query will be auspicious.
23In the ascendant falls in a human sign and be aspected by benefic planets or if benefics occupy 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses, and malefics occupy 3rd, 6th and 11th houses, good results, gains and financial prosperity have to be foretold.
24The signs Gemini, Virgo, Tula, Aquarius are termed human signs. If benefics are placed in these signs, results will be auspicious. Malefics in the 11th and 12th houses will not yield good results. Weak Moon in the ascendant is not good. But in the 10th house it is good.
25If the ascendant falls in a biped or a quadruped sign and is aspected by a malefic planet troubles will arise. But if aspected by benefic planet good results will arise. If there is a human sign on the ascendant, all the results will be good.
26If the ascendant and the Moon are aspected by benefics, results will be good. But if they are aspected by malefic planets evil results happen. Thus, have been declared the results arising from the Moon.