The mode of worshipping the goddess Lakshmi ||10||

1Hari said: -I will describe the adoration of Sri and other deities in Sthandilas for the attainment of Siddhis Om, Srim, salutation unto the great Lakshmi. Sram, Srim, Srum, Sroum, Sra. He should gradually worship the
heart, head, the tuft of hair, amulet, the eyes, the seat and the image.
2-5One who wishes to attain his desired-for objects should offer oblations to the Mandala, the sun, moon, Lakshmi and her limbs in our comer, Durga, Gana, preceptor and Kshitrapala (Vishnu) in the Mandala having the figure of a lotus drawn inside it, four doors painted with dust and sixty four comers. With the mantram, “Om, Gham, Tam, Dam, Ham, salutation unto the great Lakshmi” he should adore Lakshmi together with all the members of the family as narrated before. Om, Soum, salutation unto Sarasvati. Om, Hrim, Soun, salutation unto Sarasvati.
6Om, Hrim, say, say. O goddess of speech, Swaha. Om, Hrim, salutation unto Sarasvati.