Description of the order to be observed in the course of worship ||12||

1Hari said: -I will describe the order of adoration for achieving the success thereof. The recollection of the great soul should be made with mantras, “Om, Salutation, etc.”
2With the mantram “Yam, Yam, Lam, Ram” the purification of the body should be performed. With the mantram “Om salutation” the image of the four-armed deity should be made. With the three sorts of the making of idols should be made. Then follows the adoration of Yoga-pitha stationed in the heart.
3Om, salutation unto Ananta. Om, salutation unto religion. Om, salutation unto disassociation. Om salutation unto knowledge. Om salutation unto prosperity. Om salutation unto sin. Om salutation unto ignorance. Om salutation unto worldliness. Om salutation unto poverty. Om salutation unto the lotus. Om salutation unto the solar disc. Om salutation unto the lunar disc. Om salutation unto the disc of the fire. Om salutation unto Vimala. Om salutation unto Utkarshina. Om salutation unto knowledge. Om salutation unto action. Om salutation unto ignorance. Om salutation unto inaction. Om salutation unto yoga. Om salutation unto Prahvya. Om, salutation unto Satya. Om salutation unto Tsana. Om salutation unto Sarvatomukha. Om salutation unto Hari’s seat with all its accompaniments, principal and minor. Om salutation unto Vasudeva. Om salutation unto the heart. Om, salutation unto the head. Um salutation unto Sikha (tuft of hair on the head). Om, salutation unto the amulet. Om salutation unto the three eyes. Ahi, phat, salutation unto the weapon. Om, salutation unto Sankarshana. Om salutation unto Pradyumna. Ahi salutation unto Aniruddha. Om, Ahi salutation unto Narayanaa. Om, Tatsat salutation unto Brahma. Om, Hum, salutation unto Vishnu Kshoum, salutation unto his manlion and boar forms. Kam, Tam, Jam, Sam, salutation unto Vinata’s son. Jam Khem, Yam, salutation unto Sudarshana Kham, Cam, Pham, Sam, salutation unto the club. Yam, Lam, Mam, Ksham, salutation unto the conch-shell Pancajanya. Gham, Dham, Bham, Ham, salutation unto Sri. Gam, Dam,Vam, Sam, salutation unto, Pushti. Dham, Vam, salutation unto the garland of white flowers. Dam, Sam, salutation unto Srivatsa. Cham, Dam, Yam, salutation unto Koustava. Sam salutation unto Samga bow. Om, salutation unto the arrows. Cam, salutation unto the leathern fence. Kham, salutation unto the sword, and the lord of the Saras. Dham, salutation unto the giver of riches and the lord thereof. Ham salutation unto Isana, the lord of learning. Om, salutation unto the Thunderbolt. Om unto dart. Om unto rod. Om unto sword. Om unto noose, standard, club, and trident. Lam, salutation unto Ananta the lord of the nether region. Kham salutation unto Brahma, the lord of all the worlds. Om salutation unto the Lord Vasudeva. Om, Om Naluahi. Om, Nam, Namahi.; Om, Mom, Namahi; Om, Bham, Namahi Om, Garn, Namahi, Om, Yam, Namahi, Om, Tern, Namahi, Om Vam Namahi, Om Sum, Namahi, Om, Dern, Namahi, Om, Yam, Namahi, Om, Yam, Namahi, Om, Om Namahi, Om, Nam, Namahi, Om, Mom, Namahi, Om, Nam, Namahi, Om, Ram, Namas, Om, Yam, Namahi, Om, Nam, Namahi, Om, Yam, Namahi, Om salutation unto Niriyana, Om, salutation unto Purushottama.
4Salutation unto thee, O thou having lotus eyes; salutation unto thee O creator of the universe, O Subrahmanya; salutation unto thee, O great Purusha. O thou the first, born.
5-6In Homa rites this man tram ending with the word Swaha should be recited. Having duly recited this mantram one hundred and eight times the worshipper should offer Arghya and bow unto the Deity again and again. Afterwards having worshipped the fire he should duly adore with his own mantram Acyuta the god of gods.
7-8Having first lighted fire, fed it and whirled it one, conversant with mantrams, should adore it in the Kunda with auspicious results. Having first meditated on all he should assign his mind to the Mandala.
9-10Then with the Tattva called Visudeva he should offer one hundred and eight oblations. Then with Sankarshana and other mantrams he should offer six adorations, three each time to his limbs as well as to the guardian deities of the quarters. Then is the end he should offer Purnahuti.
11Then he should immerse his own self in the great principle which is beyond the range of speech. Then taking his seat, making again Mudras he should again bow.
12This is the daily Homa rite; the occasional one requires double the rituals.
13-14(He should then say) “Go, go to that great region where dwells the deity who is devoid of passions. May all the deities repair to their respective quarters.” Sudarshana, Sri, Hari, Acyuta, Trivikrama (three footsteps), Caturbhuja (four-arms), Vasudeva, the sixth Pradyumma, Sankarshana, Purusa are the nine Vyuhas.
15Then comes Aniruddha and Ananta. With all these Cakras the gods are known and marked. And they are worshipped in a house along with the Rakshasa and Danavas.
16Om Cakraya Swahi, am Vicakraya Swaha, am Sucakriya Swihi, Om Mahacakraya Swiha, am, the remover of the Asuras, Hum, Phat, Om, Hum of thousand flames, Hum, Phat.
17This adoration of the discus at the door of the house is auspicious. It gives also protection.