Description of the mode of meditation on Vishnu as well as of the rite of sun-worship ||16||

1Rudra said: -O holder of conch-shell, discus and club, do thou again describe the Dhyana (meditation) of the Deity, the Lord Vishnu, the pure, impersonal self.
2Hari said: -Hear, O Rudra, Hari’s Dhyana, destructive of the tree of transmigratory series, never seen before, extending all over and eternal.
3-4It is undecaying present always, and everywhere and consists only in the thought “I am Brahma.” [Meditate on him as] the root of the entire world, the lord of all, the Great Demiurgus, as stationed in the hearts of all
creatures, as the great lord of all creatures. He is the container of all, having none to contain him and is the cause of all causes.
5-8He does not come in contact, is emancipated and is being meditated on by emancipated Yogins. He is without the gross body, the eyes, organs of vitality the action of vital airs, the organs of generation and excretion, the organs of sense, the mind, the action of mind, intellect, mental faculties, egoism, the action of intellect, the vital airs, Prana, Apana and their actions.
9-10Hari said: -I will describe again the adoration of the sun which had been related formerly unto Bhrigu. Om salutation unto Khakholka. This is the principal man tram of the sun affording emancipation and objects of enjoyment.
11Om salutation unto God Khakholka. Om unto rays, tha, tha, salutation unto the head. Om unto knowledge, salutation unto the tuft of hair on the head. Om unto him of thousand, tha, tha, salutation unto the amulet.
12Om salutation unto the master of all light. Tha, tha, salutation unto the weapon. Om, bum, bum, bunt, bum, tha, tha, satutuion.
13This is the fiery rnantram of the sum destructive of the sin. Om Adityaya, Vidmahe, Visvabhavaya Dhimahi, Tanna Suryya Pracodayat.
14-15The worshipper should perform the Sakalikarashana rite with this Gayatri of the sun. He should worship Dharma in the east, Yama is the south, Dandanayaka and Vaivarna in the north, dark blue, tawny and other colours in north-east and north-west, the holder of thunderbolt in the south-west and the earth and sky in the north-west.
16Om salutation unto the moon the lord of stars. Om salutation unto egoism the son of the earth. Om, salutation unto Budha, the son of Soma. Om salutation unto the lord of speech, the master of all forms of learning. Om salutation unto Bhrgu’s son, the great saint Sukra. Om salutation unto Sani (Saturn) the son of the sun. Om salutation unto Rahu. Om salutation unto Ketu.
17In all the quarters beginning with the east and ending with the north-east all these should be adored, 0 bull-emblemed deity. Om satlutatiol). unto Anuruka. Om salutation unto the lord of Pramathas . Om salutation unto Budha.
18O thou endued with immeasurable rays! O lord of the entire world! O thou carried by seven horses! O thou having four arms! O thou, the giver of great supernatural powers! O thou tawny coloured with scintillation! O auspicious deity take this Arghya. Salutation unto thee. Take this dreadful fire. Bum, bum, tha, tha, salutation.
19Having invoked the sun-god with this mantram he should make the Visarjana (life- destroying rite) with the following mantram. Om salutation unto the sun endued with six lordly power, of a thousand rays. Go happily to return again.