Sources of the Garuda Purana – Vishnu charges Garuda to compose: The Garuda Purana ||2||

1The Rishis said -Why did Vyasa describe to you the Garuda Purana? Do thou describe thus the most excellent theme relating to Vishnu.
2-3aThe Suta said -In the company of the ascetics I had gone to the hermitage of Badarika. There I saw Vyasa meditating on the great Isvara. Having bowed unto him I took my seat and accosted that foremost of ascetics saying.
3b-4Suta said: “O Vyasa, relate unto me the form of Hari from which has emanated the creation of the universe. Me thinks, while thou dost meditate on the Lord’ thou must be knowing it.” Hear, o Vipras, what he did relate on being thus accosted by me.
5Vyasa said: -Hear, o Suta, I will recount the Purana Garuda which Brahma described to me in the company of Narada, Daksha and others.
6The Suta said: -How did Brahma relate the sacred Purana Garuda, describing the true essence, unto thee when united with Daksha, Narada and other.
7Vyasa said-Having saluted Brahma who was residing in the Brahmaloka, myself, Daksha, Narada, Bhrigu and others said to him. “Describe unto us the quintessence (of the sacred lore).”
8Brahma said: -O Vyasa, I will recount to you, the Garuda Purana, the cream of sacred learning which Vishnu described to me and Rudra formerly while in the company of other celestials.
9Vyasa said: -O Brahman, describe to me the Garuda Purana, pregnant with great significance, the essence of all, which Hari formerly described to Rudra while in the company of other celestials.
10Brahma said: -With Indra and other celestials I had gone to the mount Kailasa. There I was Rudra engaged in the meditation of the great station.
11Having saluted him I addressed him, saying: -“O Sankara, on what art thou meditating? Save thee, I do not know of a greater deity. Do thou therefore describe unto me [the subject of thy meditation] the quintessence [of the sacred learning] who, along with the celestials, am anxious to listen to it.
12-13Rudra said: -I meditate on Vishnu, the great soul, the Demiurgus, who gives all, who is present everywhere and who resides in the hearts of all creatures.
14O grandfather, my body is besmeared with ashes and my hairs have been clotted. All my vowed observances are intended for the adoration of Vishnu, I will describe him unto you, the essence of all, on whom I meditate.
15-16I meditate on the deity Hari, Vishnu, Jishnu, who is lotus-navelled and shorn of a body; who ls purity, the source of purity; who is the impersonal self and the individual soul; who is the great Isvara and unites all souls with himself. In him exist all the world and elements and into him they enter.
17All the Gunas (qualities) and elements exist, in that lord of elements as pearls are strung by a thread. He has a thousand eyes, a thousand heads, a thousand thighs and a most beautiful face.
18He is the minutest of the minute, the firmest of the firm, the heaviest of the heavy and the best of all that is good.
19In the words, letters, principal and minor sacred lore and in the true Saman he is lauded as truth and the author of true deeds.
20He is called the ancient Purusa and Brahma amongst the twice born. He is called Sankarshana in destruction.
21I therefore adore him in whom all these worlds shine us the Sakuna fishes in the water. He is the divine law, the word (Om), Brahma, the that, the existent and non-existent and the supreme.
22-23The celestials, the Yakshas, the Rakshasas and the Panagas adore him. Fire is his mouth, the heaven is his head, the sky is his navel and the earth are his feet and the sun and moon are his two eyes. I meditate on him.
24-25aI meditate on that deity whose breaths are the wind, in whose belly the three worlds exist and whose anus are the hairs are the clouds, and in the joints of whose body are the four oceans.
25b-26aI meditate on that deity who is above time, who is above sacrifices, who is above the existent and non-existent and who is the beginning and end of the universe.
26b-27I meditate on that deity from who mind emanates the moon, from whose eyes the sun and from whose mouth the fire.
28-29I meditate on that deity from whose feet the earth is produced, from whose ears the directions and from whose head the Div (celestial region). I meditate on that deity from whom have proceeded the works of principal and minor creations, the various races, Manvantaras, and histories of the families. We will proceed to him, to witness the triple essence, on whom I do meditate.
30Brahma said: -I was thus formerly addressed by Rudra. Having lauded and saluted Vishnu, the dweller of the white island (Sveta-Dvipa) we sat calmly desirous of listening to (the subject).
31From amongst us Rudra said to Vishnu, the great Isvara -“Describe to us the most essential of all essence; we salute thee”.
32What, O Vyasa, you have asked me the Lord Bhava asked Vishnu in the hearing of myself and other celestials.
33Rudra said: -O Hari, O king of goods, tell us who is the god of goods; who is Isvara; who should be meditated on; who should be adored; with what vowed observances, the great is propitiated?
34With what religious observances, with what process of self-restraint, with what form of adoration and with what sort of conduct is He pleased?
35-36What is his form? From what deity the universe has emanated and who protects it? What are his incarnations? In whom the world is dissolved? From what delay proceed the works of principal and minor creations, the various families and Manvantaras? In whom do all these exist?
37-38aDo thou describe all this and everything else, O Hari. Then Hari described to Rudra the glories of the great Isvara, the Yoga and eighteen sorts of learning.
38b-39Hari said-Hear, O Rudra, I will describe it, along with Brahma and other celestials. I am the god of gods, the lord of all the worlds. I am the object of meditation and adoration and am lauded by the celestials with panegyric verses.
40When I am worshipped by men with self-restraint, vowed observances and good conduct O Rudra, I grant them the most excellent stage.
41I am the seed of the preservation of the world and I am also the destroyer of the universe, O Siva. O Hara, I am also the suppressor of the wicked and the protector of religion.
42With fish and other incarnations I do protect the earth. I am the import of the mystic formula and am engaged in adoration and meditation.
43I am the creator of heaven and I am myself the heaven etc.
44I am the knower, the hearer, the speaker and the object of speech. I am all and the deity identical with all. I am the source of worldly enjoyments and emancipation.
45I am the presents of meditation and adoration. I am the Mandalalas, the ltihasas, O Rudra. O Siva, I am all the deities.
46O Sambhu, I am all the forms of knowledge, I am at one with Brahma, O Siva. I am Brahma, all the regions, and identical with all the deities.
47I am the personification of righteous conduct and the religion of Vishnu. I am the Varnas (castes) and Asramas (orders) and I am the ancient religion.
48I am the process of regulation that of self-restraint and tile various vowed observances, O Rudra. I am the sun, the moon, and all the auspicious things.
49Formerly with asceticism the bird Garuda had worshipped me on earth. Pleased with him I asked him to pray for a boon; and he too prayed for a boon.
50Garuda said: -O Hari, my mother Vinata had been made a slave, by the Nagas. Do thou so order, that I may bring ambrosia after vanquishing the celestials, that I may release her from slavery and that I may be thy carrier.
51Do thou so order that I may be highly powerful, greatly strong, omniscient; the afflicter of the Nagas, and the author of Puranas and Samhitas.
52-53Garuda, will all be accomplished. You will release you mother Vinata from the Nagas. Having vanquished all the deities and others you will bring ambrosia.
54-55You will be the highly powerful carrier. By my favour you will be the author of the Purana, describing my glories and forms. By your name it will be celebrated on the earth as Garuda.
56O son of Vinata, as I am the God of gods and Sri is celebrated so the Garuda Purana will be celebrated amongst all the Puranas.
57As I am worthy of being lauded so thou shalt be. Meditating on me by your mind do you describe this Garuda Purana by your bird mouth.”
58Thus accosted, O Rudra, Garuda described it to Kasyapa. Hearing the Garuda Purana Kasyapa revived the burnt tree.
59Hearing yourself with fixed attention do you revive others with your learning. “The bird, Om, Um, Swaha”-This is the great learning of Garuda. Hear, O Rudra, the great Garuda Purana narrated by Garuda.