The mode of worshipping Siva ||22||

1Suta said: -I will now describe the great adoration of Siva which yields enjoyment and emancipation. He is of a quiescent soul, present everywhere, void and stationed in a room of twelve parts.
2-3His five mouths are represented by five short vowels. and his limbs by long vowels added with Vindu. His weapon is represented by Visarga. Then the word Siva should be written upwards with the sixth the great mantram Haum impregnated with various meanings should be written. With hands the after parts of the feet should be held then the ends thereof should be placed on the head.
4Then beginning with the youngest finger and ending with the fore all the fingers should be assigned. I will now describe the adoration in the pericarp of the lotus of the heart.
5One should adore religion, knowledge disassociation from the world and prosperity in the heart. The invocation and the installation [rites of the Deity], the water for washing feet and Arghya should be dedicated to the heart.
6And similarly the rinsing the mouth, sprinkling of water and adoration should be made. I will now describe the rites of fire worship. They should be written with the Astra mantram.
7-17Then the coat of mail should be sprinkled with water. And Sakti should be assigned to the heart. Then he should place fire either in the heart or in the pit for Sakti. Having performed the Garbhadhana he should celebrate the other rites. Afterwards having assigned to the heart the freedom from all those rites as well as all other rites he should perform Homa for Siva and all the members of his family. Then in a diagram having the figure of a lotus drawn inside it he should worship the bull-emblemed deity Sambhu.