The worship of Ganapati ||24||

1Suta said: -I will now describe the most excellent adoration of Ganas which gives all and even heaven. The worshipper should adore the seats of Ganas, the images of Ganas and the lord of Ganas.
2Heart and other limbs should be assigned to Durga. The sandals of the preceptor, the seat of Durga and her image should be adored with the mantram: -“Hrim, O Durga, protect.”
3-4Then assignment should be made to the eight Saktis, called Candikas, viz Rudracanda, Pracanda, Candogra, Candanayika, Canda, Candavati and Candarupa with the mantram O Durga, O Durga, O protectress. Then Vajra, Khandga and other Mudras of Siva should be adored in the south-east.
5Then Sadasiva the lord of goblins and the lotus seat [should be adored.] Em, Klim, salutation unto Sonstripura. Om, Hram, Hrim, Kshem, Kshaim, Strim, Skom, Rom, Sphem, Sphom, the lotus seat and the heart etc. of Tripura.
6-10Then in the lotus pitha (altar) should be adored Brahmani, Mahesvari, Koumari, Vaisnavi, Indradevata Camunda and Candika. Then the Bhairavas should be adored. Asitanga, Ruru, Canda, Krodha, Unmatabhairava, Kapali, Bhishana, and Sarhhara, are the eight Bhairavas. He should meditate in his heart, in
a mandala (diagram) with a lotus inside in and having three corners, on Rati, Priti, Kamadeva, the five arrows, Yogini, Valuka, Durga, Vighnaraja, Guru (preceptor) and Kshatrapa. By reciting this mantram for a lac of times
and by offering oblations to the fire Tripura gives Siddhi.