Sandal-worship Paduka puja described ||25||

1Suta said: -Em, Krim, Srim, Sphem Kshoum, I adore the paduka (shoe), of Aannta Sakti.
2Em, Hrim, Srim Phrom, Kshoum, I adore the Paduka of Adhara-Sakti, salutation.
3Om, Hrim, I adore the Paduka of Katagni Rudra, salutation. Om, Hrim, Hum, I adore the Paduka of Hatakesvara, saluation.
4Om, Hrim, Srim, I adore the seat called Ananta, having the earth, insular continents and the oceans on all sides, salutation.
5Hrim, Srim, Nivrtti and other Kalas. Earth and other elements. ·Ananta and other worlds. Omkar and other letters. The nine syllables Hakara etc. Sadyajata and other Mantrams. Ham, the heart and other limbs. This is the mantram of Mahesvara. It is identical with the most consummate learning and it the ocean of great ambrosia.