The mode of performing the rites of Kara-nyasa (location of the energies of different divinities in the different limbs by a votary by dint of occult of psychic force) ||26||

1Suta said: -Thereupon Karanyasa (assignment of hands) and the purificatory rite should be performed, Having formed Padmamudra he should make the assignment of mantrams. Koum, salutation unto the youngest finger. Noum, salutation unto the nameless (ring) finger. Moum, salutation unto the middle finger, Toum, salutation unto Tarjani. Lam, salutation unto Angushtha. Lam salutation unto the soles of the hands. Vam, salutation unto the hack of hands.
2Then Deha (body) Nyasa. Kam, salutation unto Manivandha. Em, Hrim, Srim, salutation unto Karashkara. He should consacrate the hands with Hum Hum, effulgent like the great fire.
3Em, Hrim, Srim, Hrim, Saphaim, salutation unto Bhagavate. Sphaim salutation unto Kuvjikayai. Hrum, Hrim, Kroum Anga name of dreadful mouth. Ham, Him, Kilikili, Hrim, Hrim, Srim, Em: salutation unto Bhagavate of
the upper mouth. Sphum, salutation unto Kuvijakayai of the left mouth. Hrim, Srim, Hrim salutation unto, Anganame of the southern mouth. Om, Hrim, Srim, salutation unto Kilikili right mouth. Om, salutation unto
Aghoramukhi (dreadful mouthed) of the northern mouth. Om, Namahi salutation unto the heart of Bhagavate. Kshem, Em, Kuvjikayai, Sirase (head) Svaha. Hrim, Krim, Hrim Pram, na, na, na Name, Sikhayai (tuft of hair), Aghoramukhi, Kavacaya, (coat of mil) Hum. Haim, Im, unto three eyes Voushat. Kilikili unto weapons phat.
4Em, Hrim, Srim, salutation unto the mystic diagram of the geat dart of a connected circular form. Em, Hrim, Srim, salutation unto the circular orb of the air. Em, Hrim, Srim salutation unto the disc of the moon. Em, Hrim, Stirn, salutation unto the mystic diagram of Mahakulavodhavali. Em, Hrim, Srim, salutation unto the mystic diagram of Koula. Em, Hrim, Srim, salutation unto the mystic diagram for the preceptor. Em, Hrim, Hrim, salutation unto theluystic diagram of the Saman. Em, Hrim, Srim, salutation unto the diagrams of the principal and minor pithas of all Siddha yoginis, of all the principal fields and minor ones and of all their offspring. These twelve mystic diagrams should be adored in order of succession.