Mantras of be used in connection with the worship of Sridhara manifestation of Vishnu ||29||

1Hari said: -I will now describe the Trailokyamohini rite (fascinating the three worlds) of the foremost of male beings, its adoration and the mantram called Sridhara which yeilds religious profit, desire and wives.
2Om, Hrim, Srim, Klun, Hum, Om, Namahi: O foremost of male being! O thou of an incomparable form! O thou the abode of the goddess of prosperity! O thou the agitator of the entire universe! O thou who rivet the hearts of all women! O thou who maddens the three worlds. Distress the hearts as all beautiful women amongst me celestials and Asuras; dry them up, strike them, check them, melt them and attract memory of great auspiciousness! O thou of good luck! O thou the giver of all desired om object! destroy such person with thy discus, club or sword. Cut him with all thy weapons, strike him with thy goad, inflict him. Why dost thou wait. Save me, save me, so long my Siddhi is not perfected. Hum, phat salutation.
3Srirn, salutation unto the holder of Sri and the enchanter of the three worlds. KIim, salutation unto the foremost of male beings, the enchanter of the three worlds.
4Hum, salutation unto Vishnu, the enchanter of the three worlds. Om, Srim, Hrim, Klim, salutation unto Vishnu, the enchanter of the three worlds.
5All the Trailokyamohana mantra may are capable of securing the accomplishment of all objects. They may be meditated upon again separately and in brief.
6-7Having adored with mantrams me seat, the image, the six limbs, discus, club, sword, mace, conch-shell, the Sarnga, arrow, noose, goad, Lakshmi, Garuda and Visvaksena one attains at all.