Suta describes the subjects dealt with in the Garuda Puranam ||3||

1Suta said: -Thus did Rudra bear it from Vishnu; Brahma from Rudra; from Brahma the ascetic Vyasa; and myself from Vyasa. And I relate it to you. O Sounaka, in the forest of Naimisha.
1-3In the assemblage of the ascetics have been described by me, the creation and the adoration of the deities, the various sacred shrines, the wealth of the world and the Manvantaras; the duties of the various Varnas (castes) and Asramas (orders); the gifts, the regal duties, the laws, vowed observances, families and the medical science with a diagnosis of diseases; the various auxiliary sciences, the universal dissolution; religious profit, desire, worldly profit and the most excellent knowledge.
4The illusory deeds, and those beyond the range of illusion, of Vishnu have all been narrated in Garuda Purana.
5This Garuda is Bhagavan . By the favour of Vasudeva he has been endued with great strength.
6-7aHaving become the carrier of Hari be is the instrument of creation etc. Having vanquished the celestials Garuda brought ambrosia, by which the appetite of the universe, lying in the belly of Hari, was appeased.
7b-8aHis very sight or recollection destroys the serpents. Through Garuda Kasyapa revived all the burnt trees.
8b-9Garuda is Hari. He related it unto Kasyapa. The auspicious Garuda Purana, when read, gives piety and all objects. Hear, O Sounaka, how Hari describe it unto Rudra.