Description of other forms of Vishnu worship ||31||

1Rudra said: -O lord, do thou again describe unto me the adoration of the lord of the universe by which I may cross over the most difficult ocean of Samsara (transmigratory series).
2Hari said: -O bull-emblemed deity, hear, O great one, I will describe the adoration of the Lord Vishnu which yields the most auspicious emancipation and enjoyment.
3-4Having bathed and performed the rite of Sandhya, a worshipper should enter the sacrificial room, having washed hands and feet and rinsed his mouth particularly he should assign the words of the Prindpal mantram to his hand. Hear, hear, O Rudra. I will describe the principal mantram of the deity.
5Om, Srim, Hrim, salutation unto Sridhara Vishnu. This is the mantram of the Lord Vishnu, the king of the celestials.
6It destroys all diseases, counteracts the evil influence of the planets, dissipates all sins and gives enjoyment and emancipation.
7Om, Him, salutation unto the head, Svaha. Om, Hum, salutation unto the tuft of hair, Vasat. Om, Haim, salutation unto the coat of mail, Hum. Om, Houm. salutation unto the three eyes, Vousat. Om, has salutation unto the weapon, phat.
8I have thus described unto thee the man tram of the powerful Vishnu. Having performed Nyasa (assignment of mantrams) a self-controlled worshipper should make Mudras.
9-10He should then meditate on the great Vishnu Hari, white as the moon or a Kunda flower, holding conch-shell and discus, bearing the mystic mark of Srivatsa and the Kousubha gem and adorned with the garland of forest flowers the great Isvara? bedecked with a jeweled necklace and a crown.
11Having meditated “I am Vishnu” he should perform the purificatory rite. With the mantrams Yam, Ksham and Ram he should [mentally] harden and from an egg and then cut it with Pranava.
12-14Then, O bull-emblemed deity, thinking of the from as described before he should make the worship of self with sacred sweet-scented flowers. Then invoking spirit unto all the deities seated there he should worship them with mantrams. Hear them, O Mahadeva! O Sankara. Oye deities! come to the seat of Vshnu.
15Om, salutation unto the entire family of Acyuta. Om, salutation unto Dhatra. Om, salutation unto Vidhatra. Om, salutation unto the Ganges. Om, salutation unto Yamuna. Om, salutation unto Sankha Nidhi. Om, salutation unto the Nidhi, lotus. Om, salutation unto Canda. Om, salutation unto Pracanda. Om, salutation unto the presiding goddess of the gate, Om, salutation unto the Adhara Sakti. Om, salutation unto the tortoise. Om, salutation unto Ananta. Om, salutation unto Sri. Om, salutation unto Dharma. Om, salutation unto knowledge. Om, salutation unto the spirit of disassociation from the world. Om, salutation unto religion. Om, salutation unto worldliness. Om salutation unto poverty. Om, salutation unto Sattva. Om, salutation unto Rajas. Om, salutation unto Tamas. Om, salutation unto Skanda. Om, salutation unto Nila. Om, salutation unto the lotus. Om, salutation unto the solar disc. Om, salutation unto the lunar disc. Om, salutation unto the orb of fire. Om, salutation unto Vinata. Om, salutation unto Utkarshini. Om, salutation unto knowledge. Om, salutation unto action. Om, salutation unto disease. Om, salutation unto Prarha. Om, salutation unto Satya. Om, salutation unto Isana. Om, salutation unto Anugraha.
16-17With these mantrams and scented flowers these deities should be adored. Thereupon having worshipped Vishnu, the author of creation and destruction and invoked his spirit in the mystic diagram, O Rudra, the worshipper should worship the great Isvara. O Rudra, this religions rite of Vishnu destroys all sins.
18He should first of all make assignment of ornantrams in self and the deity. He should then show Mudra and afterwards offer Arghya.
19Then he should bathe the deity and next offer raiments and water for rinsing the mouth.
Next he should present scented flowers, incense, lights and Caru.
20Then circumambulating the idol and reciting the name he should dedicate it to him. A worshipper should also adore his limbs with other mantrams.
21Know this to be the principal mantram O the deity. Hear, O three-eyed deity, I will now describe the other mantrams.
22Om, Ham, salutation unto the heart. Om, Him, salutation unto the head. Om, Hum, salutation unto the tuft of hair. Om, Ham, salutation unto’ the coat of mail. Om, Houm, salutation unto the three eyes. Om, Hahi, salutation unto the weapon. Om, salutation unto Sri. Om, salutation unto the conch-shell. Om, salutation unto the lotus. Om, salutation unto the discus. Om, salutation unto the dub. Om, salutation unto the mystic mark Srivatsa. Om, salutation unto the jewel Koustabha. Om, salutation the garland of forest flowers. Om, salutation unto the yellow raiment. Om, salutation unto the sword. Om, salutation unto the mace. Om, salutation unto the noose. Om salutation unto the hook. Om, salutation unto the Sarnga bow. Om, salutation unto the arrow. Om, salutation unto Brahma. Om, salutation unto Narada. Om, salutation unto all the Siddhas. Om salutation unto Bhagavan. Om, salutation unto the preceptor. Om, salutation unto the great preceptor. Om, salutation unto lndra, the king of the celestials, his carrier and entire family. Om, salutation unto Agni, the king of fire, his carrier and the entire family. Om, salutation unto Yanla, the king of the dead,
his- carrier and the entire family. Om, salutation unto Nirti, the king of Rakshasas, his carrier and the entire family. Om, salutation unto Varuna, the king of waters, his carrier and the entire family. Om, salutation unto Vayu, the king of vital airs, his carrier and the entire family. Om, salutation unto Isana, the king of learning, his carrier and the entire family. Om, salutation unto Ananta, the king of serpents, his carrier and the entire family. Om, salutation unto Brahma, the lord of creation, his carrier and the entire family. Om, unto thunderbolt, Hum, phat, salutation. Om, unto Sakti. hum, phat, salutation. Om, unto rod, hum, phat, salutation, Om unto the sword, hum, phat, salutation. Om, unto the noose, hum, phat, salutation. Om unto the standard, hum, phat, salutation. Om, unto the club, hum, phat, salutation. Om unto the trident, hum, phat salutation. Om, unto the trident, hum phat. salutation. Om, unto the discus, hum, phat, salutation. Om, Voum, salutation unto Visvaksena.
23-24With these mantrams, O Mahadeva, his attendants and paraphernalia should be adored by men. Having adorate, the great Vishnu, identical with Brahmana he should chant the glories of the great undecaying Atman, with the following hymn.
25Salutation unto the powerful lord Vishnu, the god of gods. Salutation unto Vasu, unto Vasudeva, the author of creation. Salutation unto Grasisnu who lies at the time of universal dissolution.
26Saluation unto the lord of celestials and sacrifice. Salutation unto Vishnu, the lord of Munis and Yakshas.
27Salutation unto the great Jishnu the lord of all gods and present everywhere. Salutation again and again unto the lord of all adored of Brahmana; Rudra and Indra.
28-29Salutation unto the lord of the world who encompasses the well-being of all creatures, who protects all, who creates all, who destroys the wicked, who gives boons, who is of a quiescent soul, who is worthy of adoration, who is worthy of taking refuge with, who is manifest in his won from and who gives religious profit, worldly profit and desire.
30Having thus chanted his glories the worshipper should meditate on the undecaying Brahmana in his heart and should thus adore Vishnu, O Sankara, with the principal mantram.
31-32The man, who recites this principal mantram, goes to Hari. O Rudra, I have thus described unto thee, the most excellent theme of Vishnu, mysterious, highly secret and yielding emancipation and enjoyment. The learned person, devoted to Vishnu, who reads this, listens to it or makes other listen to it, goes to the region of Vishnu.