The mode of worshipping the Hayagriva manifestation of Vishnu ||35||

1Hari said: -I will now describe the Nyasa and the meter of Gayatri. Visvamitra is the Rishi thereof and Savita (the Sun) is the god.
2She has Brahmana for her head, Rudra for the flame and is stationed in the heart of Vishnu. She has application for her one eye and is born in the race of Katyayana.
3She is known as having she three worlds for her feet and is placed in the belly of earth.
4It consists of three words and eight letters and again of four words and six letters. The one of three words should be used for the purposes of recitation and that of four words for the purposes of adoration.
5In the rites of Nyasa, recitation, meditation, adoration and fire a worshipper should daily use Gayatri destructive of all sins.
6-10One should assign it to the toes of the feet, insteps, knee-joints, organ of excretion, scrotum, tubes, navel, belly, breast, heart, throat mouth, palate, eyes, eyebrows, forehead, in the east, south, north west and head. The colour of sapphire, the colour of fire, yellow, dark blue, tawny-colour, that of white, that of lightning, dark, crimson, that of conch-shell, grey, that of wine, and sun [constitute it].
11All articles which he touches with his hands or sees with his eyes become purified. There is nothing superior to Gayatri.