The mode of worshipping the deities, Durga, etc. ||38||

1Hari said: -A worshipper should adore Durga in a Navami and other days with the mantram: -’’Hrim, O Durga! Protect me, O mother, O foremost of mothers, O thou who dost grant all desired for objects.”
2-3Being gratified with this offering do thou give me all desired-for object Gauri, Kali, Uma, Durga, Bhadra, Kanti, Sarasvati, Mantgala Vinaya, Lakshmi, Siva, Narayani, he who adores all these in order beginning with the third day of the dark or light fortnight, does not suffer from separation.
4-6He should then meditate, with mantrams, on her having eighteen arms, on Khetaka, hell, mirror, the fore-finger, bow, standard, axe Damaru (a small drum), noose, Sakti, mace, dart skull, goad made of adamant, arrow, a discus and probe. I will now describe the recitation of the names of the auspicious goddess.
7Om, salutation unto the auspicious goddess Camunda, living in the cremation ground, having a skull in her hand, seated on the back of a huge goblin, having a garland of huge conveyances, the night of death, encircled by a number of Ganas, having a huge mouth and many arms, armed with a bell, a small drum and Kinikini and laughing aloud with the sound of Kilikili, Hum. [Salutation unto her], making enough of loud sound, having her body covered all over with the skin of an elephant, as well as blood and flesh, having a tongue hanging down, a great Rakshasi, having hideous teeth, laughing aloud, effulgent like lightening, having terrific eyes. Hili, Hill, do thou put thy tongue into thy mouth. Hum, salutation unto thy tongue Trini, 0 thou having a face covered with frowns, O thou having an auspicious seat, wearing a garland of skulls, (around the neck), braided licks, crown and the moon (on the head) and laughing aloud Kili Kili. Hum, Hum, O thou having terrific teeth, O thou who dost dissipate all obstacles, do thou make me accomplish this work, Do it! Do it! Kaha! Kaha! do thou make me enter with the goad. Vanga! Vanga! make me tremble! make me tremble. Go! Go! guide me! guide me! 0 thou fond of blood, flesh and wine, kill, kill, grind, cut, cut, strike, strike, make my body strong as an adamant. Destroy all the wicked beings of the three worlds. Make be possess everything that is taken or not taken. Make me walk! Dance! Dance! Bind! Bind! Jump! O thou having eyes entered into sockets! O thou having hairs tied up! O thou having the face of an Uluka! O thou wearing a garland of hands! burn, burn, rot, rot, take, take, make me enter this mystic diagram. Make me possessed by the energies of Brahma Vishnu, Rsi and Rudra. Kill, Kill, I Khili, Khili, Mili, Mill, Cili, Cili, O thou having a good appearance! O thou having thy body encircled by a black serpent! O thou having all the planets in thee! O thou having elongated lips! O thou having a nose sunk between the two eyebrows! O thou having a grim face! O thou, having tawny coloured braids! 0 Brahmi! break, break, burn, burn, 0 thou having a death-like face! Khala, Khala, strike down, strike down. O thou having red shot eyes, roll them, strike, strike the ground. Take, take, open up your eyes, open. Break, break feet, take, take. Display, display, the Mudras hum, hum, phat, rive, rive, cut as under with the trident. Kill, kill with the trident, strike, strike with the rod. Cut, cut, with the Sakti; wound, wound with discus. Bit, bit, with the teeth. Strike with a stick. Strike, strike with the goad. Take, take the head suffering from fever coming every day, every second day, every third day and every four day. Release me, release me from the she goblins, Skandas and evil stars. Lala, Lala, raise up, raise up the earth. Strike down, strike down. Take, take Brahmana. Come come, Mahesvari. Come, come, Kaumari. Come, come, Varahi, come, come Aindri Come, Come, Camunda. Come, come Vaisnavi Come, come, Narasirhhi. Come, come, Sivaduti. Come, come, Kapalini. Come, come, Revati. Come, come, Sushkrevati. Come, come Akasa Revati. Come, O thou ranging on the mount Himalaya. Come, come O thou ranging on the mount Kailasa. Come, come, cut open this great mantram. Kili, Kili, O thou having Bimva-like lips, 0 thou of a dreadful form, O Camunda, 0 thou originating from the anger of Rudra, thou who dost destroy the Asuras and range in the sky, bind, bind the time with thy noose. Enter, enter into this mystic diagram. Strike, strike, take, take, bind, bind the mouth. Bind the eyes, bind the feet, bind the hands and feet, bind, bind all the evil stars. Bind, bind all the directions. Bind, bind, all the opposite directions. Bind, bind the up and down. Bind, bind with the ashes, drinks, earth and sesamum seeds. Possess, possess, strike, O Camunda. Kili, Kili, Viche, Hum, Phat, Svaha.
8This is the recitation of the Mula mantram consisting of one thousand and eight letters. Each word should be recited eight thousand times. With sesamum seeds mixed with sugar, honey and clarified butter eight thousand Homas should be performed.
9With human flesh, sugar, honey and clarified butter one should recite a word one thousand and eight times. With sesamum seeds, sugar, honey and clarified butter he should perform one thousand and eight Homas.
10Or with human flesh, honey, sugar and clarified butter he should perform all the rites. By throwing water, sesamum seeds and ashes one achieves victory in battle etc.
11The goddess should be meditated on as having twenty-eight arms, eighteen arms, twelve arms or four arms.
12-13Her two hands are adorned with sword and Kheta, the other two with club and rod, the other two with arrow and bow, the other two with dagger and mace, the other two with conch shell and bell, the other two with standard and rod’, the other two with axe and discus, the other two with a small drum and mirror.
14-15The other hands are endued with Sakti, mace, noose, Tomara, durm and Pnava. With the other hand she is striking a drum and making a sound. She gives protection, kills the buffaloe-faced demon, and rides a lion.
16Victory unto thee, O queen of ghosts and others encircled by goblins. Save me from thy goblins and accept my sacrifice. Salutation unto thee.