Description of other form of Sun-worship ||39||

1Rudra said: -O Janarddana, do thou describe, again in brief, the adoration of the deity, the sun, another form of Vishnu, which yields emancipation and enjoyment.
2Vasudeva said: -Hear, O Rudra, I will describe again the adoration of the sun. Om, salutation unto Uccaisravas. Om, salutation unto Aruna. Om salutation unto Dandin. am, salutation unto Pingala – a bull emblemed deity, these should be adored at the door with the following mantrams.
3Om, A, salutation unto the Bhutas. These should be adored inside the mystic diagram these known as Prabhutamala. Om, Om, salutation unto Vimala. am, am, salutation unto Sara. am, am, salutation unto Adhara. Om, am, salutation unto Paramamukha. These Vimala and other should be adored in the south-east and other comers.
4Om, salutation unto the lotus. Om, salutation unto the pericarp. O Rudra, a worshipper should adore them inside the diagram and in the east and other direction. He should then adore Dipti and others as well as Sarvatomukhin inside the diagram. Om. Yam, salutation unto Dipta. Om, Vini, salutation unto Bhadra. Om, Vaim, salutation unto Jaya. Om, Voum, salutation unto Bibhuti. Om, Yam, salutation Aghora. Om, Varn, salutation unto Vaidyuttayahi. Om, Vahi, salutation unto Vijaya. Om, salutation unto Sarvatomukhi.
5Om, salutation unto the seat of the sun. Om, Hram, salutation unto the form of the sun. Om, Ham, Sam, Kham unto Khakhola, Kram, Krim, Sahi Svaha. Salutation unto the form of the sun. With, this mantram a worshipper should invoke life in the image of the sun, install it, and perform the rite of Sannidhapanan (bringing near). Then with the Sannirodhana mantram he should perform the rite of Sakalikaranam.
6O Rudra, then he should adore the mudras. He should meditate on the sun, as being of the form of light, of crimson has seated on a white lotus-riding a car with one wheel, having two arms and holding a lotus.
7Listen to the principal man tram. Om, Hram, Hrim, Sahi, salutation unto the sun.
8He should next form Padma and Birnba Mudra thrice. Om, am, salutation unto the heart. Om, unto the sun, unto the head, Swaha. Om, Ahi, A, Bhur, Bhuvahi, Svahi, Jvalini, Sikhayehi, Vasat. Om, Hum unto the coat of
mail. Hum, Om, Bham unto the eyes, Voushat, Om, Vahi, unto the weapon, phat.
9O Hara, a worshipper should adore heart etc. in the south-east, north-east and south-west and the eyes in the north-west comer.
10In these directions he should adore the white-hued Soma. In the eastern petal, O Rudra, he should adore Budha.
11He should adore the yellow-hued preceptor in the southern petal. In the west he should adore the lord of goblins and the white-hued Bhargava in the north.
12-14He should adore the black Sani (Saturn) in the south-west, Rahu in the north-west, the smoky-coloured Ketu in the north-east. They should be adored with the following mantrams, O Mahadeva. Hear them, O Sankara.
15Om, Som salutation unto Soma. Om, Bum, salutation unto Budha. Om, Vrin, salutation unto Brhaspati. Om, Bham, salutation unto Bhargava. Om, Am, salutation unto Angaraka. Om, Sam, salutation unto Sani. Om, Ram, salutation unto Rahu. Om, Kam, salutation unto Ketu.
16Having, with the help of the principal mantram, dedicated unto the Sun, the water for washing feet and then offered edibles, the best of worshippers should display the Dhenu mudra.
17Having recited the man tram eight thousand times he should dedicate them unto him. In the north-east and other comers, O lord of goblins, he should adore Tejascanda (the power of the Sun) [with the mantram.
18-19“Om, Tejascandaya, Hum, phat Svadha, Voushat.” O Hara he should next dedicate unto him flowers and Arghya, consisting of plassasum seed, rice, red sandal, scented water, flower and incense.
20Having placed that vessel on his head and supported it by his knees, he should offer it, with the mantram Ham unto the sun, O bull emblemed deity.
21Having adored the Ganas and the preceptors he should worship all the deities. Om, gam, salutation unto the lord of Ganas. Om, am, salutation unto the preceptors.
22I have thus described the adoration of the sun. Having offered it one attains to the region of Vishnu.