Enumeration of diverse incantation, Mantras (Nama Vidya) ||41||

1Vasudeva said: -Om, there is Gandharva, by name Visvavasu, the master of maidens. I will secure him for you. “Having begotten maidens. Unto Visvasu, Svaha.” This is the recitation of the mantram for obtaining wives. I will describe the night of death.
2Om. salutation unto the auspicious goddess, having ears like those of a bear and four arms. O thou having hairs, tied up! O thou, having three eyes! This is the night of death for men in the matter of feeding upon marrow and blood. May dead approach such and such person who has come to the proper time. Ham, phat, kitt, kitt, kitt, bum, bum, flesh and blood, paca, paca, Rikshapatni (wife of the bear) Svaha. There is no restriction for the observance of lunar days, stars, or fasting.
3A worshipper should rub his hands with blood and then take up all articles with them. Early in the morning he should recite the name of the phallic emblem and strike it with a mango leaf. Om, salutation unto all the weapons, so that, O Jambhani, O thou who charms all, O thou who dost destroy all the enemies, protect me, such and such a person, from all fears and calamities, Svaha. On the destruction of Sukra, O Mahadeva, I described it which saves all the twice born.