Traits of the conduct of men marked by the several kinds of Nidhis ||53||

1-2aSuta said: -Thus did Brahma describe the eight Nidhis as the had heard from Vishnu. They are Padma, Mahapadma, Makara, Kacchapa, Mukunda, Nanda and Nila. And the other Nidhi is Sankha.
2b-4aI will now describe their characteristic marks. A person, bearing the mark of Padma, becomes Sattvika (pervaded by the quality of goddess). He is compassionate by nature, collects gold, silver, etc., and dedicates them to Yatis. celestials and ascetics.
4b-5A person, bearing the mark Mahipadma, gives away wealth unto the pious. Persons, bearing the marks of Padma and Mahapadma Nidhis, are called Sattvika. A person, bearing the mark of Makara, becomes the collector of swords, arrows and lances.
6He gives away wealth unto persons, well read in Shrutis and contracts friendship with kings. He also destroys his enemies in battle.
7-8aMakara and Kacchapa are the two Tamasik (pervaded by the quality of ignorance) Nidhis. One, bearing the mark of Kacchapa, does not confide in anyone and does not eat; nor does he give anything to anyone. That singular person, bearing the mark of this Nidhi, fills the earth with treasures.
8b-9A person, bearing the mark of the Rajasik (pervaded by the quality of darkness) Nidhi Mukunda, becomes the collector of kingdoms. He enjoys freely and liberally and makes presents to the songsters and prostitutes.
10A person, bearing the mark of Nanda pervaded by the qualities of, darkness and ignorance, becomes the support of his family, always chased with eulogy and the husband of many wives. He loses affection for his former friends and finds delight in new ones.
11One, bearing the mark of Nila, is endued with the virtues of Sattva Guna. He collects clothes and corns and digs tanks, etc.
12The Niddhi Saitkha is selfish and himself squanders away his money. His relatives live on a very wretched fare and do not put on beautiful raiment.
13One, bearing the mark of Sankha, is always busy with seeking his own pleasure and does not give his money to anyone else.
14The characters of these Nidhis were thus described by Hari unto Hara and others. I describe the treasures of the world as recounted by Hari.