Progeny of Priya Vrata and incidental description of the seven Islands of the Earth ||54||

1Hari said: -Agnidhra, Agnivahu, Vapushman, Dyutiman, Medhitithi, Bhavya, Sabbala, Putra, and the tenth Jyotishman, these were the sons of Priyavrata.
2-3aMedha and Agnivahu had three sons each, who were given to Yoga, were great, had the recollection of their pristine births and fixed their minds on the kingdom.
3b-4Having divided-the earth into seven insular continents the king conferred them on his seven sons. The earth is situated on the water like unto a boat and is five hundred koti yojanas in dimension.
5O Hara, the two insular continents are Jambu and Plaksa. The next is Salmala. The others are Kusa, Krounca and Saka. The seventh is Pushkara.
6All these islands are each girt by seven oceans. They are Lavana, Ikshu, Sura, Sarpi, Dadhi, Dugdha and water.
7Each ocean is double in dimension than the island it encircles, O blue-emblemed deity. In the msular continent of Jambu is situate the mount Meru extending over a lakh of Yojanas.
8Its summit is eighty-four thousand Yojanas in height. Its base is sixteen thousand Yojanas and is of the shape of a pericarp of a lotus.
9-10The boundary mountains Himavan Hemakuta and Nishadha are situate on its south while Nila, Sveta and Sringi mountains are situate in the north. O Rudra, the persons, who live m the insular continent of Plaksa, are immortal.
11-13O Sankara, there is no division of Yugas (cycles) in all these islands. Agnidhra, the king of the insular continent Jambu, hadining sons, viz. Nabhi, Kimpurusha, Harivarsha, Havrita, Ramya, Hiranvan, Sashtha, Kurubhadrasva and Ketumala. The king divided his kingdom into nine parts and conferred them on all his sons. Nabhi begat on Merudevya a son by name Rishabha.
14His son, the ascetic Bharata lived in Salagrama. Bharata’s son was Sumati whose son was Tejasa.
15His son was Indradyumna, whose son was known as Paramesthi. The latter’s son was Pratihara whose son was Pratiharta.
16He begat a son by name Prastara whose son was the powerful Prithu. His son was Nakta whose son was Gaya.
17Gaya’s son was Nara whose son was Buddhirata. His son was the intelligent and highly powerful Bhouvana.
18He had four sons, viz., Tavashta, Tvashtu, Viraja and Rajas. Raja’s son was Satajit whose son was Vishvakjyot.