Position and dimensions of the sun and other planets ||58||

1Hari said: -Hear, I will now describe the position and the dimension of the sun and other planets. The sun has nine cars, each a thousand yojanas in dimension.
2-3Twice this number is the dimension of its plough, O bull-emblemed deity. Half a koti and seven Niyuta of yojanas is the dimension of its aksha (part of wheel), where the wheel is placed. It has three naves and six Nemis (circumference).
4This wheel goes one round within one full year. The second Aksha of the car of Vivasvan is forty thousand yojanas in dimension.
5-6The five others have each half the same dimension. O bull-emblemed deity. The extent of each of the two Akshas is half a yoga (cycle); the smaller Aksha, of the car, with half the cycle is stationed in the polar star. And the second wheel is stationed in the mount Manasa.
7Gayatry, Samvrhati, Ushnic, Jagati, Trishtup, Anushtup, and Pankti, these metres are the the horses of the sun.
8-10Dhabi, Kratusthala. Pulastya, Vasuki, Ratharit, Agramani, Heti and Tumbhru reside in the solar disc in the month of Caitra. Aryama, Pulaha, Rathoujas, Punjikasthala, Praheti, Kaccha, Nirra and Narada in the month of Vaisaka. Mitra, Atri, Takshaka, Raksha, Pourusheya, Menaka, Haha, Rathasvana reside on the car of the sun in the month of Jyeshtha.
11Vanuna, Vasishtha, Rambha, Sajanya, Kuhu, Budha, Rathacitra and Sukra live in the month of Ashadha.
12Indra, Visvavasu, Srota, Elapatra, Angira, Pramloca and Nabha-these serpents live in the month of Sravana.
13Vivasvan, Ugrasena, Bhrgu, Apurana, Anumloca, Sankhapala and Vyagra live in the month of Bhadrapada.
14Pusha, Suruci, Dhata, Goutama, Dhananjaya, Susena, Ghritaci live in the sun in the month of Asvina.
15Visvavasu, Bharadvaja, Parjanya, Airavata. Visvaci, Senajit, and Apa-these are entitled to live in the month of Kartika.
16Ansu, Kasyapa, Tarkshya, Mahapadma, Urvasi, Citrasena, and Vidyut live in tile month of Agrahavana.
17Kratu, Bharga, Urnayu, Sphurja, Bharga, Urnayu, Karkot, Aristanemi, Purvacitti, and the most excellent Apsarasa live in the solar disc in the month of Pousha.
18Tvashta, Jamadagni, Kamsala, Tilottama, Brahmapeta, Ritajit and Dhritarashtra live in the solar disc in the month of Magha.
19Vishnu, Asvatara, Rambha, Suryavaicca, Satyajit, Visvamitra, Raksha and Yajnapeta live in the month of Phalguna .
20O Brahman, the solar disc is pervaded by the energies of Vishnu. The ascetics laud the sun and the Gandharvas sing before.
21The Apsaras dance and the night-rangers follow the sun. The Pannagas carry (the vehicle) and the Yakshas collect the bridles.
22-23The Valakhilya Rishis sit encircling him. The car of the moon has three wheels and the horses are white as Kunda flowers. It runs, drawn by ten horses, on the right and left. The car of the son of the moon (Budha) is made of the essence of air and fire.
24-27It is drawn by eight yellow-coloured steeds fleet as the wind. The great chariot of Sukra has a Varutha , Anukarsha , is drawn by horses born of earth and adorned with flags. The huge chariot of Bhumi’s (earth) son (Mars) is of the dour of molten gold and is drawn by eight steeds, of the colour of the filaments of a lotus and born of fire.
28-29Jupiter resides for one year at every sign of a Zodiac sitting on his golden car drawn by eight yellowish-white horses. Riding a car drawn by horses of variegated colour and born of ether Saturn moves slowly on; Svarbhanu has eight horses of the colour of the earth and his car is grey-hued.
30-31O lord of goblins, yoked to his car they carry him, day and night. Rihu’s car has eight horses, fleet as the wind and smoky-coloured and which have their tongues coated with saliva. On it he roams over the earth consisting of islands, rivers and mountains.