Description of the mode of worshipping Vishnu ||8||

1Hari said -Having bathed in the Mandapa (temple) built on earth one should adore Vishnu in Mandala (circular figure).
2With powers of five colors, this circular figure, Vajranabha, should be drawn. O Rudra sixteen rooms should be drawn there. In the fourth and fifth comers’ strings should be placed.
3The strings in the comer should be extended to both the other comers. A man, well versed in all these rites, should thus place strings in all the comers.
4Similarly he should deal with interior comers. The first should be placed in the center and then al the junction of the lines in the middle.
5In all the interior parts there are eight centers. The centers of the eastern and central figures should be connected with a string.
6O Hara, the foremost of the twice born should draw the base in the interior parts. O Siva, connected with it the pericarps of the central string should be drawn.
7On two sides of the pericarps an expert should draw the filaments. A learned man should draw petals on their heads.
8O thou of firm vows, a worshipper, conversant with the knowledge of the true object, should draw figures of lotuses in all the centers.
9With the division of the first string one should draw the doors. With the half he should make decorations for the same.
10The pericarp should be drawn with yellow colour, the filaments with dark blue, the inside violet and the petals with crimson.
11-12The four parts should be filled up with black powder, the doors with white powder and the five ines of the Mandala in order with crimson, yellow and dark blue. Having performed Nyasa assignment of the limbs he should adore Hari in the five Mandala.
13He should assign his heart to Vishnu, the middle part to Sankarshana, the head to Pradyumna and the tuft of hair on the head to Aniruddha.
14His entire body should be assigned to Brahma and the fingers to Sridhara. Meditating “I am Vishnu” he should perform the Nyasa of Hari in the pericarps.
15-16He should perform the Nyasa of Sankarshana in the east, that of Pradyumna in the south, that of Aniruddha in the west, that of Brahma in the north that of Sridhara, Indra and other deities in Rudra and other comers. Having adored them with scents and other articles a worshipper attains to the great station.