The Caturmasyam Vratam ||121||

1Brahma said: -Now I shall describe the mode of practicing the Caturmasyam Vratam. The vow should be first undertaken on the eleventh day of the moon’s increase in the month of Asadha, or on the day of the full moon therein, after having duly worshipped and supplicated the god Hari as follows:
2-3“May the Vratam which I have, this day, undertaken in thy presence, O lord, come to a successful termination, by thy grace and will. Kindly deem it complete, O Janardana, even if I be not spared to fulfil it as now vowed for.”
4Thus, having worshipped and addressed the god, the votary shall get himself initiated into the acts of subsequent meditation and penitence. The sins of a man, who wishes to practice this. vow for the satisfaction of the god Hari, are annihilated.
5He who bathes and takes a single meal each day during the four months under discussion, ascends, a pure and undefiled spirit, to the region of Vishnu.
6A Brahmana, who is well-versed in the Vedas and abjures oil, wine, women, and animal food for these four months, goes to the region of Vishnu, by practicing the present Vratam, and attains to that stage of self-liberation which is called Sayuyayam (lit., to be in perpetual touch with the Supreme Self).
7Even by fasting for a single night during the season, a man is transformed into a god, after death. By fasting for three consecutive days during the season, a man is sure to be translated to Sveta-Dvipa, after death.
8An unsolicited emancipation waits the man who practises a Candrayaina Vratam during me period. By practising a Prajapatyam during the period, a man attains to the region of Vishnu. The performance of a Paraka Vratam under the circumstance, is attended with the same result.
9The votary shall live on powdered barley (Saktu), barley gruel, milk, curd or clarified butter, or on alms during the entire term of the vow, which may be substituted for cow’s urine, barley gruel or the Pancagavyam. He shall forge to the use of all pot herbs, fruits, roots and vegetable juices. He who practises the vow as above indicated, shall attain to the region of Vishnu.