Description of the Harivarhsa – The Dhanvantari Samhita ||144||

1-2Brahma said: -Now I shall narrate the family history of Hari which teems with his sanctified exploits of Krishna. Vasudeva begot Krishna and Baladeva on the person of Devaki for the edification on the righteous and annihilation of the wicked. The eternal God was incarnated on this mortal globe in the shape of Krishna. The Monstress Putana was engaged by the tyrant Kamsa to put an end to his life, in infancy, with the pretext of suckling him.
3But Krishna sucked her poisoned nipples with a force that verily killed her on the spot. The mighty prowess Krishna overturned the cardamom, felled the two tree-monsters named Yamala and Arjuna, and destroyed the serpent Kaliya and the rooster Dhenuka.
4-5At this time, he supported the mount Govardhana on the tip of his finger and was honoured and worshipped by the God Indra for this exploit. He relieved this sinful earth of its weight of sin and pledged himself to protect the five sons of Pandu in their days of trouble and distress. The demon Arishta fell an easy victim to his prowess, and he cheered the Gopas and Gopa-maidens of Brndavan by slaying the monster Kesi
6-7aHe dragged do the demon Kamsa from the platform, and killed the wrestlers Canura, Mushtika and Malla, who guarded the person of that detestable tyrant. Krishna had eight principal wives, such as Rukmi, Satyabhama, etc., besides a seraglio of sixteen thousand other wives.
7b-8By them he got hundreds, and thousands of sons and grandsons. By Rukmini he had a son named Pradyumna, who killed the demon Sambara. The son of Pradyumna was Aniruddha, who married Use, the daughter of king Bona.
9There ensued a deadly conflict between Krishna and the God Sankara, when the elopement of Usha with Aniruddha was detected and made known to the world. Krishna cut down the thousand army of king Bana with the exception of two.
10Once upon a time, he killed the demon Naraka and carried the flower Parijata from the garden of heaven. Sisupala, Bala, and the monkey, named Dvibida, were also among the victims, who fell at the stroke of his mighty discus.
11The son of Aniruddha was Vajra, who become the king of Mathura, when Krishna as translated to heaven. In order to p lease h is preceptor Sandipani, Krishna brought back the soul of his son from the mansion of death and brought back to life the son of that holy sage. For the furtherance of the divine cause, he installed Ugrasena as king on the throne of Mathura.