The Ekadasi Vratam ||125||

1Said The Divive Grand Father: -The king Mandhata managed to be the undisputed lord of the three worlds by practising the Ekadasi Vratam of yore. Hence one shall fast both on the eleventh days of the light and dark fortnights.
2The queen Gandari fasted on the day of the tenth phase of the moon and lost her hundred sons in consequence. Hence on shall not fast on the eleventh day of the fortnight.
3-4Even in spite of the dictum that the god Hari presides over the day when the moon is her tenth, and eleventh, phases, one should fast on the day of the twelfth phase of the moon and break it on the day following.
5-6One shall fast on the day marked even by a Kala of Ekadasi, or on the day when the moon is successively in her eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth, phases.
7The king Rukmangada used to keep vigils on the nights of the two Ekadasis is and hear the Puranas recited to him by the holy sages, in consequence whereof he was liberated from the’ trammels of life and ascended to heaven after death.