The Nidanam of diseases of the nose ||170||

1Dhanvantari said: -There are eight forms of fever, in consideration of their Dosha-born or traumatic nature, as well as of cases in which the deranged Vayu, Pittam, and Kapha act in couples or in entire concert. Water cooked with Musta, Parpata, Usira, Candana, Udici and Nagara and subsequently cooled down should be given to a fever-patient for the alleviation of heat and thirst.
2A febrifuge decoction of Nagaram, Devadaru, Dhanyakam, Vrhati and Kanttakari should be given to a fever patient.
3A decoction (Pacanam) of the Aragvadha, Musta, Tikta, and Granthika proves efficacious during the immatuse stage of fever attended with colic.
4A compound of Madhuka pith, Sindhatha, Vaca, Usana, and Kana taken in equal parts and pounded together should be given as an errhine for rousing up the patient from an unconscious state.
5A purgative decoction of Trivshada, Visala, Triphala, Katuka and Aragvadha, saturated with an alkali, proves curative in all types of fever.
6A decoction of Mahausadha, Amrita, must a Candana, Usira, and Dhanyakam, adminis-tered with the addition of sugar and honey, cures tertian ague.
7Clusters of Aparmarga flowers tied with seven strings of red thread round the waist of a patient on a Sunday, cures tertian ague (Tritiyakam).
8A recitation of the Mantra, “a sonless ascetic died on the north bank of the Ganges, I offer libations of water with sesame seeds unto him,” proves curative in Aikahika form of intermittent fever.
9A Ghritam properly cooked with the expressed juice and paste of Guduci, Triphala, Vrisha, Mridvika and Vala acts as a good febrifuge.
10Similarly, a decoction of Dhatri, Siva, Kana and Vanhi cures all forms of fever. Now hear me discourse on the drug-compounds, which prove remedial to Jvaratisara (fever with dysentery).
11A decoction of Prishni-parni, Vala, Vilva, Nagaram, Utpalam, Dhanyakam, Parpata, Indrayava, Bhiinimba, Musta, Parpata and Mahawi; adham cures fever with mucous dysentery.
12A decoction of Nagaram Ativisha, Musta, Bhiinimva, and Vatsaka proyes curative in all forms of fever and dysentery.
13-14Water boiled and cooked with Musta, Parpataka, Udicya, and Sringavera, and subsequently cooled down, may be advantageously give as a drink in all forms of dysentery. Similarly, Salaparni, Prishniparni, the two kinds of Vrihati, Kantakarika, Vala, Svadanshtra, Bilva, Patna, Nagara, and Dhanyakam may be administered with diet in all forms of the same disease.
15Bela fruits or the inner pulps of mango-stones, taken with treacle or honey, or Kutaja bark taken with Kana proves beneficial in dysentery.
16A decoction of Vatsaka, Ativisa, Vilva, Kana and Kshayaka cures dysentery with bloody mucous stool, attended with an extreme griping pain.
17Now hear me discourse on the therapeutics of Grahini (lienteric diarrhoea) Grahini results from the impairment of the digestive faculty. A medicated Gritam cooked with the paste and decoctiong of Citrakam is appetizing, and proves curative in intestinal glands, oedema, ascites, splenic enlargement, colic and hemorrhoids.
18The five kinds of salt such as the Sauvarcala, Saindhavam, Vidanga, Audbhidam, and Samudram should be added to the foregoing medicine.
19Medicines, surgical operations, and potential and actual cauteries are the four remedies to be resorted to for the purposes of curing piles. Newly made Takram (a kind of whey) proves remedial to piles.
20Pippali taken with treacle, Haritakis fried with clarified butter, or Trivrit with acid Loinika may be used with advantage in piles.
21A compound of sugar-cane juice and sesame proves beneficial in piles and cutaneous affections. A decoction of the Mcakola group of drugs with Marica and Tryushanam improves the digestive faculty.
22Haritakis, taken with Nagaram, treacle or rock salt, are extremely appetizing and stomachic.
23A decoction of Triphala, Amrita, Vasa, Tikta, Bhanimba, and Nimbaja taken with honey cures Jaundice and Chlorosis.
24A confection prepared with Trivrt, Triphala, Syama, Pippali, sugar and honey cures haemoptisis and Sannipatika forms of fever.
25-26As long as there exists a Visa plant in this word, why should a haemoptisis, bronchitis, cough or pthisis patient despair of his life. A decoct oil of Atarasaka, Mfdvika, and Pathya taken with sugar and honey proves remedial to cough, bronchitis, and haemoptisis.
27The expressed juice of Vasa, taken with sugar and honey arrests haemorrhage. The expressed juice of Sallaki, Vadari, Jambu, Priyala, Amra, Arjunam, and Dhava, severally taken with honey and alkali, execises a styptic virtue.
28A patient suffering from ulcerative endocarditis, by taking a Ghritam, cooked and medicated with the expressed juice of the bark and leaves of Nirgundi, gets rid of the disease and acquires a godly health.
29A confection made of Haritaki, Kana, hunt hi, Marica and treacle, removes cough, thirst and a distaste for food.
30A Prastha measure of Ghritam cooked with a thirty Pala weight each of the expressed juice of Kanttakari and Guduci cures cough and improves the digestives faculty.
31A decoction of Krishna, Dhatri, Sid and Sunthi, taken with honey, cures hie-cough, whereas a patient suffering from asthma should take Bhargi and Viva through the medium of warm water.
32A person suffering from hoarseness, should keep catechu soaked in oil or powdered Pippali and Pathya, or Pathya and Nagaram in his mouth.
33A powdered compound of Vidanga, Triphala and Vshva taken with honey arrests vomiting or a decoction of Amra or Jambu may be taken with Maksikam for that end.
34The last named compound allays thirst and arrests vomiting, Triphala taken with honey or milk conquers vertigo, epileptic fits, etc.
35Potions of Pancagavyam are remedial to hysteria and diseases due to the influences of malignant planets. Ghftam medicated with the expressed juice of Kushmanda and Yasthikam possesses the same efficacy.
36-37Old Ghrtam medicated with the addition of Vaca, Kushtham, Sankhapuspi, and the expressed juice of Brahmi cures insanity and the nervous diseases known as Grahapsmara. A medicinal Ghritam cooked with the expressed juice of Mvagandha and four times as much milk is constructive, aphrodisiac, and remedial to nervous diseases and sterility.
38Powders of Nili and Mundarika taken with honey and clarfied butter, as well as the decoction of Chinna creeper proves curative in the worst type of Vataraktam.
39Five Haritakis taken with treacle cure nervous diseases and cutaneous affections; the paste, powder, or decoction of Guduci possesses the same efficacy.
40A medicinal Ghritam cooked with the expressed juice of Kala, Guduci and milk cures cutaneous affections, heat in the body and diseases of the deranged Vayu.
41Triphala taken with Guggula cures epilepsy and Vataraktam; Guggula taken with cow’s urine conquers that form of nervous disease which is known as Urustambha.
42-46A decoction of Dasamiila, Gokshura, Suniti, Eranda, Rasna and Nagara proves curative in Rheumatism and an acting pain in the limbs. A decoction of Vala, Punarnava, Eranda, Vrihati, Kantakari and Gokshura, taken with castoroil, subdues even the most vilurent cases of nervous disorders. A solution of common salt, taken with asafoetida, proves curative in flatulent coilc.
47An infusion of Triphala, Nimba, Yastika, Katuka and Aragvadha should be given with honey for the alleviation of colic, or of a burning sensation in the body.
48Triphala-water taken with Yashtikam cures the type of colic known as Parinama hula. A lambative made of iron-rust purified with cow’s urine and Triphala powder, honey, and clarified butter proves curative in all types of Sula (Gastralgia).
49A pill consisting of two parts of Trivrt, four parts of Krishna, and five parts of Haritaki, taken with an equal quantity of treacle, removes constipation of the bowels.
50A compound consisting of powdered Haritaki, Yavakshara, Pippali and Trivrt taken with clarified butter proves curative in Udavarta (tympanites with suppression of the stool and urine).
51Pills consisting of Trivrt, powders of Haritaka and Syama soaked with the expressed juice of Snuhi and then dried in the sun (Bhavita), and taken with cow’s urine, forms the best purgative and cures even the worst cases. of Anaha.
52A medicinal Ghritam, prepared with a paste of Tryushnam, Triphala, Dhanya, Vic;langa, Cavya and Citrakam, and taken with alkali, proves curative in the Vataja form of Gulma.
53Roots of Nngavala taken with milk, as well as Sauvarcala salt taken with half as much of Siva-Gritam should be regarded as a potent cure for all forms of diseases of the heart.
54A compound consisting of powdered Kana, Pasanabheda. Ela and Silajatu taken with treacle and washings of rice is a potent remedy· for all forms of strangury.
55A decoction of Amrta, Nagara, Dhatri, Vajigandha and Trikantakam may be given with advantage to patients suffering from strangury, colic, or any disease of the deranged Vayu.
56Yavakshara (impure carbonate of potash) taken with an equal quantity of sugar is almost a specific for all forms of strangury, in which the expressed juice of Nidigedhika maybe also advantageously taken in combination with honey.
57Triphala-paste taken with rock salt removes the suppression of urine in which disease a stick of camphor may be introduced into the urethra for inducing the flow.
58Decoctions of Sigru-roots administered like warm lead to the disintegration and falling off of stones in the bladder, or of, urinary concretions. The expressed juice of Dhatri and Nina taken with honey is almost a specific remedy for all forms of urinary complaints (Mehas). A decoction of Triphala, Daru, and Avja taken with honey proves beneficial in all types of Meha.
59-61Wishing to be stout a person should renounce late hours, sexual congress, physical exercise, and anxiety. Food into the composition of which barley or Syamaka grains largely enter, as well as sweet drinks contribute to the stoutness of the body. Hot food or hot Manilas, or fried barley powder taken with honey, or compounds made of Cavya, Rraka, Vyosa, Hingu, Sauvarcala salt and Amala are anti-corpulent in their effects.
62A medicinal Ghrtam duly cooked with four times as much water, twice as much Citrakam and Utpalam, and cow’s urine should be internally administered to an Ascites patient.
63Ten Haritakis, successively increased, each day, and taken for ten days with milk, prove curative in Ascites.
64Use of such a thousand Haritakis while living on milk, Yashtika, or rice diet prove curative in dropsy due to splenic enlargement. They are extremely constructive and life prolonging in their efficacy.
65A medicinal Ghritam cooked with the admixture of the expressed juice of Punamava should be regarded as a potent cure for edema and anasarca.
66An oedema or anasarca-patient should do well to take Pippali through the vehicle of milk or cow’s urine; or Abhyaya and treacle.
67Castor oil, taken with a decoction of Vala cures hernia, attended with distension of the abdomen ·and an aching pain. Oil of black Uravaka cooked with the paste of Pathya and taken with Krishna and rock salt proves efficacious in Vrddhi Roga.
68The expressed juice of Nirgundi roots used as an errhine cures Scrofula; fomentations with decoctions of Snuhi and Gambhirika leads to the resolution of tumours.
69-70Plasters of pasted Hasti-Karnia and Palasha prove curative in scrofula; plasters composed of Dhatusra, Eranda, Nirgundi, Varsabhu, Sigru and Sarsapa pasted together are known to cure cases of long-standing Elephantiasis. Plasters of Hingu, Sobhanjana and Sindhuttha cure Vidradhis (abcesses).
71Plasters of Sarpunkha made with honey bring about the healing of an ulcer; plasters of Nimba leaves its asepcision.
72A wise physician should employ a decoction of Triphala, Khadira, Dirvi, and Nyagrodha for washing all cuts, ulcers or Sadya Vranias attended with an aching pain.
73Plasters of Yaishthimadhu mixed with warm clarified butter would prove efficacious in all forms of traumatic ulcers.
74-75In all traumatic ulcers (cults, wounds, etc.) cooling measures should be at once resorted to for alleviating the heat of the enraged blood and deranged Pittam of the locality, for which purpose the part may be washed with a decoction of Bamboobark, Eranda and Svadanstra, mixed with honey; a solution of Hingu with rock salt, or a decoction of Nava, Kola, and Kulatha pulse without the addition of Ghrittam, internally administered, lets out the blood incarcerated in any of the wounded Koshtas (chambers) or viscera of the body.
76Arishta (medicated wine) of Karanja, or the expressed juice of Nirgundi proves curative in ulcers and worms in the intestines.
77Pills made of powdered Triphala and Guggulu remove constipation of the bowels and cure ulcers.
78A medicated oil cooked with the expressed juice of Durva grass, Kampilla, and the paste of Darvitvaca is one of the most potent healing remedies in ulcer cases.