The Nidanam of diseases peculiar or parturient women ||175||

1Rudra said: -Thus the holy Dhanvantari, who is an incarnation of Vishnu, discoursed on many a medicinal compound of infallible potency, which (Harl} formerly disclosed to Hara.
2Hari said: -O Sankra, in all types of fever the patient should be made to fast and kept in a room protected from the wind. Boiled water should be given to him for drink.
3Dry fermentations prove efficacious in all forms of fever, a decoction of Musta and Guduci proves antidotal to the Vataja type.
4A decoction of Duralabha cures Pittaja fever, and hear that, a decoction of Sunthi, Parpata, Musta, Valaka, Usira and Candana proves remedial in the same type.
5A decoction of the Sunthi and Duralabha taken with Ghritam proves curative in the Kaphaja type or fever. A decoction of Sunthi, Valakam and Prapatam proves curative in all forms of fever.
6A decoction of Takta, Eranda, Guduci, Sunthi, and Mustaka cures Pittaja fever; now hear me enumerate the other medicinal compounds of infallible efficacy.
7A decoction of Valaka, Usira, Pafha, Kantakari, Mustaka, and Devadaru acts as a good febrifuge remedy.
8O Sankara, decoction of Dhanyakam, Nimba and Musta taken with honey, or a decoction of Triphala, Guduci, and Potola leaves, internally administered.
9-10Acts as an appetising, Vayu-subding, and febrifuge medicine. Powders of Haritaki, Pippali, Amala and Citrakam taken with a decoction of Dhanyakam, Usira and Parpatam, or a decoction of Amalaki, Guduci, and Candanam taken with honey proves curative in all forms of fever.
11-12aNo hear me, discourse on the medicinal compounds, which have the efficacy of subduing the Sannipatika forms of fever. A decoction of Haridra, Nimba, Triphala, Mustakam, Devadaru, Katurohini and Patola leaves destroys Sannipatika fever.
12b-13Powders of Nagavala, taken with a decoction of Guduci, Pushkara, Nagaram and Kantakari subdues cough, asthma, etc. Hot water should be given for the alleviation of thirst in fever due to the action of the deranged Vayi and Kapham. Cooked Sall rice reduced to the consistency of a soup, rice gruel, or Mudga soup should be given to a fever patient for the subsidence of fever.
14-15Water boiled with Visva, Parpatakam, Usira, and Candanam, and subsequently cooled down, should be given for the alleviation of fever thirst and vomiting. A decoction of the drugs of the Paiicamiilam group proves remedial to Vataja fever.
16A decoction of Pippali-mulam, Guduci, and Visva-bhesajam conquers Vataja fever.
17A decoction of Nimba and Parpatakam, taken with honey, proves curative in Pittaja fever.
18The forehead and soles of the feet of a fever patient, who cannot be restored to conscious-ness even with the employment of ordinary restorative measures, should be cauterized with an iron rod. A purgative decoction consisting of Tikta, Patha, Parpata, Visala, Triphala, and Tririt, taken with boiled milk, proves curative in all forms of fever.