Vishnu Kavaca ||194||

1Hari said: -O thou self-begotten one, now hear me discourse on the prophylactic formula known as Vaishnava Kavacam, which grants a certain immunity from attacks of maladies.
2Having made obeisance unto the birthless, changeless, undecaying and all-powerful reality, having bowed down unto the all-pervading Vishnu, the god of gods, the overlord of the celestials, I shall describe the prophylaxis presently referred to.
3I make obeisance to. the eternal spirit of irresistible prowess to the dissipator of all woes and misfortunes
4May Vishnu protect me in the front, and Krishna, at the back. Hari saves head and heart by Janardana.
5May Hrishikesa protect my intellect; and Kesava, my tongue. May Vasudeva protect my eyes, and may Sankarshana guard my ears.
6May Pradyumna protect my nose; and Aniruddha, my skin. May Vanamali protect the inside of my throat; and Srivatsa, the down-ward portion of my body.
7May the discus-wielding divinity guard my sides. I consign my left side to the protection of the destroyer of demons and my right side to that of the divine club weapon, that has brought about the annihilation of the Asuras.
8May the divine Musala weapon protect my belly, may the divine plough guard my back. May the divine bow protect the upper part of my body, may Nandaka protect my knee joints.
9May the divine conch-shell protect my insteps; may the divine lotus flower protect my feet. May the divine Garuda protect me in all concerns of my life.
10May the boar manifestation of Vishnu protect me in waters, may the dwarf manifestation of the supreme god protect me on undulating and impassable grounds. May Nrsirhha guard my person in wilderness; may Kesava shield me everywhere.
11May Hiranyagarbha give me gold, may the divine Kapila, the author of the Saoshkhya system of philosophy, help me to maintain a normal equilibrium among the different vita principles of my organism.
12May the birthless one that preside over the white isle (Svetadvipa) lead me to that land; may the destroyer of the demons Madhu and Kaitabha destroy my enemies.
13May the all-pervading Vishnu always expel sins from my body; may the swan, fish and tortoise manifestations of Vishnu protect me in all the quarters of the heaven.
14May he, whose prowess brooks no obstruction in the three regions, dissipate all my inequities.
15-16May Narayana protect my intellect, may Mesa grant me that pure knowledge which disples all ignorance, may the god whose mouth is the submarines volcanic fire, cleanse my spirit of all sin I have committed in the past with my hands, feet, and mouth. May Dattatreya grant me increase of friends, progeny and domestic animals.
17May Rama destroy with his battle-axe all my adversaries. May the mighty armed Rama, the destroyer of Rakashasas, always guard my body.
18May Rama, the delight of the race of Yadavas, kill my enemise with his invincible ploughshare. May juvenility of Krishna, the destroyer of Pralamba, Kesin, Canura, Putana and Kansa, grant me all my heart desires.
19-20Dismayed with fear, utterly terror-stricken, I see a noose-holding male figure of a blackish, yellow colour, more stable than the primordial darkness and more dreadful to look at than the god of death, hence do I consign myself to the protection of the lotus eyes one that suffers no decay. O my soul, I need not fear since the woe-dissipating lord is mint. I am now indeed an adorable Self.
21Having meditated upon the divine self of Narayana, who guards against all evils and calamities that best human life, I roam about in this world, bearing this Vaishnava prophylaxis on my person.
22Since my mind perpetually dwells upon the almighty self of Vishnu, malignant spirits dar not assail me. I am a veritable moving pantheon, full of energies of all the divinities.
23May success attend me in this life sine. I have duly recited this (Vaishnavam) Mantram. May Vishnu strike the eyesight of those sin-perverted beings. that might chance to behold me with their wicked eyes, or whom I might happen to behold.
24May the discus of Vasudeva, as well as the halo (lit. spokes) that shines round that weapon, sever my sins and strike those that wish me evil.
25-26Happening to fall among monsters, and Pisacas, while crossing a lonely waste or a weird wilderness, in quarrels, in contests, while travelling on the kind’s high way, in moments of crisis and on apprehension of imminent peril of life, while swimming across a river or to ward off the influences of malignant planets and disease spirits, at times when attacks by thieves and acts of incendiarism are apprehended.
27-28In thunder, in lightning, on the happening of reasonable causes of terror one should recite this Bhagavatam Mantrama, most sacred of all other Mantras. This renowned Bhagavatam Kavacam, which extinguishes all sin, is the most secret of al secret mantras. I make obeisance to the lotus naveled one, the seed of the universe, the self without end or origin that lies inaccessible within the cycles (Kalpas) of evolution, the emanations of his own Maya.
29Om, to Time (obeisance) Svaha, Om, to the spirit of Time obeisance (Svaha). Om, to Krishna obeisance (Svaha). Om, to the figure of Krishna obeisance. Om, obeisance to Canda, Om obeisance to Candarupa, Om, obesance to Pracanda, Om, obeisance to Pracandarusa, Om, obeisance to Sarva. Om, obeisance to Sarvarupa. These are the tedts of disease and poison-incantations. May Vishnu, may Narayana, may Aniruddha, may Sankarshana, may Vasudeva destroy my all kinds of fever.