Fulfilment of diseases in seven gods ||195||

1Hari said: -Now hear me enumerate the Mantra, which repeated for seven nights in succession by a person enables him to witness the realization of all his wished-for objects. I make obeisance to the Bhagavan. I meditate upon the self of Vasudeva.
2I bow down into Aniruddha, Sankarshana and Pradyumna manifestations of Vishnu.
3Obeisance to the giver of perfect knowledge, obeisance to the embodied self of pure joy.
4Obeisance to the one that delighted in the soul, obeisance to the embodied quietism, obeisance to the one who observed no duality in the universe. This universe is thy image, hence do I make obeisance to thee. Obeisance to Hrshikesa, the great spirit reflected in the universe.
5I make obeisance to Brahma from whom all this has come into being, in whom lies this all and from whom many other eternities will originate. Thou supporters this terrestrial globe, I make obeisance to thee. I make obeisance to Him whom the mind, life and the sense organs cannot reach and who, like this ethereal expanse, lies extended both in the inside and outside of creatures.
6Om, obeisance to the Lord, the great Purusha, the Supreme Lord of the Mahabhutas (primordial matter) whose lotus feet are Citraketu was lifted to the status of a Vidyadhara surrounded by the pollens of virtues of hierarchies of beings of Sattva qualities. I make obeisance to the final goal of all. By dint of this knowledge, Citraketu was lifted to the status of a Vidyadhara.