Vishnudhara ||196||

1Hari said: -O thou, supreme deity, I shall ‘now enumerate the Vishnu-Dharma-vidya, by reciting which, Indra was enabled to kill all his adversaries, and was ultimately installed on the throne of heaven.
2The Mantras such as Om, etc., should be psychically located by the reciter in his brain, face, heart, belly, thighs, knee-joints and legs respectively. He should then meditate upon these Mantras located as directed in the preceding line.
3-6As an alternative, the Mantra running as Namo Narayanaya should be located, as above directed, in the limbs in the inverse order of enumeration. Then the rite of Karanyasa should be performed with the twelve-lettered Mantra sacred to the deity (Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya). The votary should recite the Mantra running as Om, obeisance to Vishnu, and consider himself as identical with the Sera manifestation of that divinity, attended with the six-fold enetgy. May Hari protect me; may the fish manifestation of Vishnu shield my person in water.
7May Trivikrama, who exercises absolute power in the· three regions, protect me in the skies; may the dwarf manifestation of Vishnu preserve me on land. May the mighty Nrsiritha protect me in wilderness; may Rama preserve me on the mountain.
8May the boar manifestation of Vishnu preserves me on the earth-surface Narayana preserve me inth air. May Kapila protect the worldly concerns of my life; may Dattatreya preserve my yoga.
9-10May Hayagriva, among the celestials, and Makaradhvaja, among the celestial youths, preserve me May Narada protect me from worshipping any other god. May the tortoise manifestation of Vishnu preserve me in the south west; may Dhanvantari protect me from the evil effects of unwholesome food. May Naga protect me from failings of anger and passion May Yajfia preserve me from the combined energy of diseases, may Vyasa preserve me from ignorance.
11-12May Buddha preserve me from the concourse of heretics (Pasnadas), may Kalki preserve me from sin and sinful propensities. May Vishnu protect me at afternoon; Narayana, in the morning; the destroyer, of demon Madhu, at afternoon; and Madhava, in the evening. May Hrishikesa protect me at the dawn of day; may Janardana protect me at night fall.
13May Sridhara protect me at mid-night, may the lotus-raveled deity preserve me during the small hours of the night.
14May the discus, dub (Kaumadaki) and arrows of Vishnu kill my enemies and the Rakshasa. May the lotus and conch shell of Vishnu preserve me from enemies, may the celestial Garuda, and the divine bow end ornaments of Vishnu preserve my life, mind, and intellect.
15May Sesha and Sarvarupa preserve me everywhere. May Narasimha preserve me in all.
16He, who eyes a person with this Kavacam on his person, is sure be fascinated, and such a person enjoys a kind of immunity from disease.