The same continued ||202||

1Hari Said: -A single moist, Punamava root, or Apamarga root, or the expressed juice of either of these roots, introduced into the vagina, relieves the local plain of young wives or of Parturient woman.
2The roots of Bhumi Kushmanda taken pasted with rice-washings tend to improve the secretion of milk in parturient women.
3-4Plasters of pasted Indra Vanuhu roots, O Siva, relieve the breast pain in females. O thou supreme deity, ingestions of Paka cooked with clarified butter relieve an aching pain in the female reproductive organs. Platers of Karavella roots pasted with water tend to replace a protruded vagina in its natural position.
5Plasters of Nili, and Patola roots, pasted together with a solution of Tila and applied with the admixture of clarified butter, prove curative in Jvala Gardhava.
6-8O Rudra, Patha roots taken pasted with rice-washings, as well as Kushtha-roots administered in the same way relieve Papa-rogam. Solutions of Vasyam taken with honey alleviate the internal burning sensation in cases of Paparogam. O Rudra, clarified butter taken with as much quantity of Laksha through the vehicle of milk cures leucorrhoea.
9-10O thou blissful one, powders of Dvijayashti and Trikantakam taken with a decoction of sesame prove curative in Rakta Gulmas of women, and act as a good emanagogue remedy.
11-13aBulbs of Raktotpalam, taken with sugar or with cold water, relieve menorrhagia. A decoction of Sarapunkha taken with Kanjikam, Hingu and rock salt tends to bring about a speedy parturition.
13b-14A Matulwiga root, if it can be culled out entire, by mentioning the name of an ancient presages the birth of a male child, if otherwise (pulled out split or served) it predicts the birth of a female one.
15-16An Apamarga root inserted into the chignon on of a pregnant woman, O thou blissful one, or Karpura, Madanaphalam and Madhuka pounded together and introduced even into the reproductive organ of an old woman, produces happy results, not to speak of it being used by young maidens.
17Potions of solutions of- Kushtam sweetened with sugar, and impressment of Tilak marks on the foreheads of infants ad as a general prophylaxis against the influence of malignant planets, ghosts, and diseases.
18An infant should be made to wear on its person, O Rudra, Sankha Nabhi, Vaca, Kushtham and bits of iron for prophylactic purposes.
19-20Powders of Palasa seeds, or powdered Amalakam and Vidanga taken with the admixture of honey and melted cow-butter tend to improve the intellect. Its effect is almost instantaneous; by taking this compound for a month, O thou. supreme deity, a person is enabled to conquer death and decay,
21Powders of Palasa seeds and Tilam, taken for a weak, through the vehicle of honey and clarified butter, would undoubtedly remove, O Rudra, the effects of old age.
22By taking, for a month, O Rudra, powders of Amalakam in combination with honey and oil, a person would verily become a lord of speech.
23Water containing powders of Siva and Amalakam, sweetened with honey and drunk through the nostrils, each morning, would act as the best strength-giving medicine.
24By taking Kushtham-powders, each morning with the admixture of honey and clarified butter, a man would be able to witness a thousand summers in the full possession of all his faculties in a healthy and fragrant smelling frame.
25-26By regularly consuming huskless Masha pulse, soaked with clarified butter in the manner of a Bhavana. or cooked with milk, in combination with honey and milk, a man would be able to visit a hundred women, each night. Mercury is purified by rubbing it with sulphur and castor oil.
27A dose of such purified mercury taken with water, thrice a day, acts as a good tonic medicine.
28By taking milk, that has been cooked with huskless Msha-pulse and Simbi seeds, in combination with Apamarga oil, one would be able to visit a hundred women, each day.