Medicine of quadrupeds||203||

1Hari said: -To a cow, that shuns, or turns hostile to, her own calf, should be given her milk, duly milched and salted, whereby she would fondly take to her offspring.
2Bits of dog’s bones tied round the neck of a cow or a cow-buffalo lead to the expulsion of vermins from her body
3Gunja roots internally administered would bring about the castings of horns in homed cattle.
4External applications of the juice of Varuna-phalas, squeezed out with the hand, would bring about the expulsion of vermins, O Siva, from the bodies of biped and quadruped animals.
5O Rudra, pouring of the expressed juice of Jaya would bring about the healing of ulcers in quadrupeds. The urine of a she-elephant internally administered would remove the bodily ailments of homed cattle.
6Lentil seeds and Bali rice pasted with whey (Takram) and administered through the medium of cow or buffalo-milk would prove beneficial to bullocks.
7-8Sarapwikha leaves given with salt would cure the bulbous eruptions (Vari-sphotcun) in horses and bullocks; Ghritakumari leaves given with salt would relieve itches in horses and bullocks.