Prosody ||207||

1Suta said: -With an obeisance to Vasudeva, the preceptor Ganesha, give and Sarasvati shall tell the ignorant student about the metres which are classified according to matras or varnas.
2According to the position of Guru and Laghu in the beginning, in the middle or in the end there are eight Ganas namely, Magana, Nagana, Bhagana Yagana, Ja-ganal, Ra-gana, and Ta-gana.
3A vowel is Guru when it is followed by a . consonant, Visarga, or a conjunct. A Dirgha vowel is always Guru. A vowel which is followed by Anusvara or which comes in the and is also Guru. It is of two Matras.
4When the order of Laghu and Guru varies, it is called Sloka. When there is pause, it is called Yati.
5A quarter is called a Pada. When the quarters are equal, it is caled Sama. When the quarters are unequal, it is called Vishama. Hence it metres are of three types-Sama, Ardha-same, and Vshama.