The Nidanai of vomiting ||183||

1Hari said: -O thou moon-crested deity, a decoction of Maricam, Spigaveram, Kutaja, and Tvacam, internally administered, cures lienteric diarrhoea (Grahini).
2-3A compound consisting of Pippali, Pippali mulam, Maricam. Tagaram, Vaca, and Patha, pasted together with milk and the expressed juice of Devadaru, proves curative in cases of dysentery. An Anjanam composed of Maricam and sesame flowers pasted together and applied to the eyes cures chlorosis.
4O Rudra, treacle and Harltaki, taken inequal parts and given in combination with honey, act as a good purgative remedy.
5A compound of Triphala, Citrakam, Citram, and Katu-Rohini boiled together with water and internally administered forms a good purgative and relieves the form of Rheumatism known as Urustambha.
6A decoction of Haritaki; Spigaveram, Devadaru, Candana, and Apamarga-root boiled together with goat’s milk, and taken for a week, undoubtedly alleviates a rheumatic aching pain in the thighs, and proves curative in Urustambha as well.
7Reduce to fine powder Ananta and Srngavram and add to it equal parts of treacle and bdellium. Beat it up into a mass and divide the mass into pills. These pills; alleviate, stiffness and aching of the Ugaments, and improve the digestive capacity.
8Cull a Sankhapushpi creeper with its leaves, roots and flowers. Reduce it to a paste with the addition of goat’s milk; by taking it one is relieved of hysteric fits.
9Take equal parts of Abhaya and Asvagandha through the medium of water, and rest assured of a redical cure of haemorrhage (Raktapittam).
10Take a mouthful of a pulverised compound of Haritaki and Kushtham, and gulp it down with water for the cure of vomiting.
11A decoction of Guduci Padmaka, Aristham, Dhanyakam and Rakta Candanam proves curative in the Pittaja type of fever, attended with thirst, vomiting and a burning sensation in the body.
12-13Sankhapushpi, mystically dynamized with the recitation of the Mantra, Om, Hum, Namahi, and tied round the ear of a fever, patient, acts as a sure febrifuge remedy, O Rudra, put into the hands of a fever-patient eight hundred flowers, each consecrated with the mystic formula, Om Jambhini, Stambhini (destroying and paralysing goddess), Mohaya (make spell bound) Sarva Vyadhin (all diseases) Me (or mine), Vajrena Thai Thahi, Sarva Vyadhin Vajrena (dissipate with the thunder, like mystic potency of ‘‘Tha” Mantra the morbific energies of all diseases), Phat (obeisance), and touch the tips of his finger-nails, All forms of fever and specially quotidian ague may be destroyed. by practisig this fever-charm.
14Fumigation of the body of the patient with the vapour of a burning febrifuge stik composed of Jamboline tmits, Haridra and the cast of skin of a snake pasted together and dried, proves curative, O Rudra, in all forms of fever, and in quotidian ague in special.
15A medicinal oil cooked in combination with Karavira, Bhroga-leaves, rock salt, Kushtham. Karkatam, and cow’s urine, four times, as much as its (oil’s) actual weight, proves remedial to ulcers and Pama, Vicarcika and other kindred diseases of the skin.
16O Rudra, Pippalis taken with honey, or the use of Surana and other sweet articles of diet would prove beneficial in cases of splenic enlargement.
17A compound of Pippali and Haridra pasted together with cow’s urine and inserted into the rectum leads to the falling off of rectal laemophloeids (piles),
18-19Goat’s milk admixtured with the expressed juice of Ardrakam should be prescribed for the cure of splenic enlargement. Plasters of Nimba leaves pasted with cow’s urine, or of those composed of Saindhavam, Vidanga, Somayaji Sarsapa, Visam and the two kinds of Rajani Haridra ond Daru Hariddra, pasted together with cow’s urine, and applied to the skin, prove highly benefited in all forms of cutaneous affections.