Prosody ||211||

1Suta said: -Padacaturardha has 8 Varnas is the first foot, 12 in the second, 16 in the third and 29 in the fourth.
2When in a Padacaturardhva all the Varnas are Laghu except the last two which are Guru, it is called Apida.
3Kalika has 12, 8, 16 and 20 VarJJ,as in each foot respectively. Lavali has 12, 16, 8 and 20 Varnas in respective feet. Amritadhara has 12, 16, 20 and 8 Varnas in its feet.
4Udgata has Sa-ja-sa-ganas and Laghu in the first foot, Na-saja-ganas and Guru in the second, Bha-na-ja-ganas and Laghu-Guru in the third and Saja-sa-ja-ganas and Guru in the fourth.
5Saurabhaka has Ra-na-ganas and Guru in the third feet ano other feet are like those of Udgata. Similarly, Lalita has na-na-sa-ganas in the third feet, the rest being like Udgata.
6Upasthitapracupita has Ma-sa-ja-bha-ganas and two Gurus in the first foot, Sa-na-ja-ra-ganas and Guru in the second, Na-na-sa-ganas in the third and Na-na-na-ja-ya-ganas in the fourth.
7Visesha has Na-na-sa-na-na-sa in the third foot, the rest being like Upasthitapracupita.
8Similarly, Suddhavirad, Arshabha had Ta-ja-ra-ganas in the third foot and the rest like Upastitapracupita.
9If there are old syllables or odd feet like five or six in a metre, it is known as Gatha like ‘Dasadharmam’ (Mbh 5.33.82)